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27 Transform These Unused Items to Create Brilliant and Unique Garden Décor

Create your very own unique garden décor with selected items from your old stuff. Let them serve you as the statement-making pieces in your lawn.

Are you in need of garden’s upgrading but the budget is on the way? Sprinkle extra beauty around your pretty lawn doesn’t always mean that you have to purchase things. Grab your unused items and recycle them into something magical. Keep reading because below, we’ve rounded up our five favorite repurposed items for unique garden décor ready to mesmerize you.

Toy Truck Planters

Some of you may still keep your boys’ toys even when they are no longer in labor. Collect your kids’ toy trucks that are big enough to plant succulents and small plants. You can repaint them if needed.

Unique garden decoration by planting toy trucks looks very perfect. You can use it to plant succulents and it will look more beautiful.

Use a toy truck to plant succulent in your garden so that it will give a unique and classic look that can attract everyone who sees it.

Take advantage of toy trucks that are not used for planting succulents. Then put it in your garden to enhance your decor and it will look different from the others.

Planting small flowers using a toy truck will bring uniqueness to your garden and will look very attractive with a classic look.

Try to use truck toy that is not used for decorating your garden. You can plant small flowers there so that they will provide beauty in your garden.

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Planting a toy truck will make your garden look very attractive and creative. Use it for planting succulents so that it will look very beautiful.

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Old Bicycle

If you have an unused bicycle in your garage, it is time to make it back in the spotlight. Paint the two-wheel vehicle in white, then, use the bike porter in the front part. Add medium basket with holder in the back for other greeneries. Paint the basket in white as well.

to get garden decorations that can attract attention try using an old bicycle planting. Add a rattan basket on the back for planting then paint with white to make it look better.

Using an old bicycle planter is a creative idea for your garden decorating idea. Just add a bamboo wicker basket on the back to fill it with plants so it will look very stunning.

If you have a bicycle that you don’t use, just use it as an idea for planting in your garden. Paint with white to make it look more perfect.

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You can use old bicycle planting to decorate your garden. Paint with white color then hang on the wall with plants in the baskets so that it will look very stunning.

Trying to use an old bicycle planting for your garden decor idea will never fail. Just add a basket in the back holder for flower planting so it will look more attractive.

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Bathtub and Ducks Sculpture

Does your old bathtub is still around the house? Make use of it for a stunning large pot, a perfect addition for unique garden décor. You can plants flowers that don’t require intensive care such as lantana, pasque flowers, yarrow, and daylily. To complement the repurposed tub, place cute ducks sculptures under it.

If you have a bathtub that is not used, try to use it as a planting medium. You can plant pasque flowers in the used bathtub so that it will give an attractive vintage look.

Try using a bathtub planter for decorating your garden. Use it to plant daylily so it will look more beautiful and unique.

Planting daylily in a used bath tub will bring a classic look to your garden so that it can be inspired.

To enhance the decoration of your garden, try using a bathtub planter. Use it to plant daylily so it will look beautiful at a low cost.

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Try to use a bathtub that is not used for decorating your garden to make it look classic and attractive. You can plant anything like daylily there to create beauty in your garden.

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Graded Planter

Your drawers will make a statement when placed as a unique garden décor. Open each of the caddies and fill it with collections of your flowers, succulents, herbs, or vegetables. You can keep the wood color of your old drawer or repaint it with other vivid colors like cobalt blue or yellow.

Drawer planters will make your garden look unique and attractive. You can paint it in cobalt blue and then plant flowers there so it will look very beautiful.

Graded Planter is very interesting for your garden decoration ideas. Try use drawers that are not used for the idea of a graded planter in your garden so that it will look attractive and remain cheap.

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Using drawers for graded planter ideas is a perfect idea. You can plant flowers there to create unique and beautiful garden decorations.

You can use drawers for decorating your garden. Open each caddies then fill with plants that you want so that it will attract the attention of everyone who sees it.

Garden decoration with drawer planter looks more creative and nice. You can paint it in blue before filling it with plants so that it will look better.

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Try using your used drawers to decorate your garden. You can paint it in yellow and fill it with plants to enhance your decor so that it can inspire many people.

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Old Ladders

Does your ladder get too dangerous to use? Then it is time for them to offer another service for you. Place the climbing item in your garden and fill it with colorful planters and vegetation. You can also wed the repurposed ladder with decorative garden signs.

If you don’t have a lot of land, making a vertical garden is the perfect idea. Use an old ladder for your planting so that it will present a perfect rustic look.

You can reuse old stairs that are not used to beautify your garden. Try using it as a medium to plant succulents so that it will look classic and beautiful.

Utilizing an old staircase for your garden decoration is a perfect idea if you are on a budget. Simply place the old drawer in each step then use it to grow vegetables so that it will look more practical.

Using an old ladder as a planting medium in your garden is an interesting idea. So that it will present the perfect rustic look without having to spend a lot of money.

To get a garden that looks unique, try using an old ladder that is not used. Use the stairs for your vertical planting ideas then hang them on the wall so they will look creative.

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Placing repurposed furniture for unique garden décor is a wonderful way to liven up your garden. Without breaking your bank account, your unused items can be a unique focal point for your outdoor space.

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