8 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom Well

Set your bathroom as perfect as you can then you can have your time in there. So, here we would like to share with you some ways to make a simple yet comfortable bathroom decoration. Scroll up now!

The bathroom is not just a cleaning place but it also can be a “get-back” energy for you. After having a hectic time for a long day, you need a spot that can release all your stress and get back your energy and maybe some inspirations, and the bathroom is the perfect place to get them. But, with one conditional, set your bathroom as perfect as you can then you can have your time in there. So, here we would like to share with you some ways to make a simple yet comfortable bathroom decoration. Scroll up now!

Choose the Durable Floor

Do consider this important part of your bathroom. The bathroom is identical to the humid place from water spill out. That is why you need a durable floor to avoid any damage since this damage will require more expense to fix it. If you have more budget, the marble floor is perfect. It gives a long last floor and also gives an impressive look. But, if you have a limited budget then the tile is another option because the quality is good to protect your floor and it is affordable. Make sure to match what kind of tile and color with the room’s design. See more at Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas!

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Providing Shower Screen

Another way to well-decorate your bathroom is a shower screen. The main purpose is to decrease damage risk caused by spill out water (humidity). You need to make a partition to separate wet and dry areas. It is very important to do. This shower screen is not only made by the glass if you think this is not affordable for you than a curtain is a nice option and it is definitely affordable. However, instead of that kind of partition, you still need to maintain your wet and dry area gradually and make it a routine job.

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Good Lighting

Yes, definitely I agree that good lighting will bring a special vibe to my bathroom. Once I step in, it feels so different and my bathroom is my second favorite space after my bedroom. For the first time, I tried to figure out what best design for my bathroom then other decorating ideas just flowing into my list and yes I choose to install pendant and some corner lighting so, my bathroom can be another cocoon for me cause I can make a good combination between the whole its interior design. And yes! you can definitely copy my ways on how to present good lighting in your bathroom.

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Providing Window

To create a healthy bathroom decoration, the window is a good option to help you achieve it. It is very useful since it lets sunshine come in through. As we all know that there are a lot of advantages by letting the sunshine coming one of them is to lessen the bathroom’s humidity. It will decrease the damaging risk caused by humidity. You can provide a wide window as wide as your sidewall or it would be better if you adjust the window’s size with the space that you have. Or you have a window like a pic above, wooden layered window.

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Having a Good Air Circulation

Having a healthy air is an important aspect that you should provide in your bathroom. It has a similar substantial with other room since healthy air is the aim. Then, you should have air circulating system. You can adjust automatically if you use electrical air circulating system if your bathroom doesn’t have any window. However, if you think that providing an air circulating system is expensive, then a simple thing that you can do to solve this is by providing a window. You can adjust by open it to let it circulate naturally.

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Put Some Greenery

It cannot be denied that putting greens in a bathroom can add more comfort. It really pampers our eyes with its color. Yes, indeed green color is one of some eye-soothing colors. There are some kinds of greenery that you can put in your bathroom and they are: cactus, spider plant, bamboo, orchid, cast iron plant, and many more. But, personally, I rather choose orchid that successfully makes my bathroom more elegant. You can try it.

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Proper Bathtub

Do you want to add a bathtub, yes why not! But, do consider the space of your bathroom. When you add a bathtub and your bathroom still has spare space then it is okay, but if not, it would be better if you find another option like change the general size and shape of a bathtub. The custom round bathtub could be a nice idea to approve. Otherwise, if you have quite aside space, then you can adjust to what the best side that bathtub should be.

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Functional Vanity

The last way to help you providing well bathroom decoration is by placing functional vanity. As its words are functional vanity means it is there has some function, not only just completing decoration but also as a spot to get ready after bathing because generally, this vanity has a big mirror. Complete your functional vanity with enough lighting and some storages to make your bathroom more clean and neat. And don’t forget to adjust its style with the bathroom whole interior theme.

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