Be Simple and Serene with These 26 Minimalist Bedroom Layouts

Embrace simplicity and serenity with these minimalist bedroom layouts—they are the perfect solution for a simple lifestyle.

Minimalist bedroom is a one-stop solution for anyone who wants to have a bedroom with a simple setting and clutter-free space. While sticking to the rule of “less is more”, these minimalist layouts will perfectly accommodate your needs to have a serene sanctuary at home that you call a bedroom.

1.     Minimalist Bedroom with Natural Accents

There’s nothing more peaceful than including some natural elements in your bedroom. This minimalist layout begins with an exposed brick accent on one side of the wall. Combined with a clean-cut wooden bed frame and bedside table, the room arrangement radiates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will help you drift into sleep more serenely.

Add one or two houseplants in small pots to complete the natural design. As for the lighting, choose a fixture with a subtle structure to blend it nicely with the simple layout.

Minimalist bedroom decorating ideas with a natural touch. Using all-white color in a mix of patterned rug accents and minimalist wooden beds.

A natural touch is present in this open minimalist bedroom. Through the touch of soft white walls and charming wooden beds. And add accent plant in the corner of the room can freshen up the atmosphere.

Bedroom nuances with neutral colors from the walls and wood accents on the bed. Besides that, using the touch of a plant in an open bedroom can give a charming bedroom touch.

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You will be even more comfortable in this bedroom because this bedroom has a natural touch. Through the hanging wooden shelves and a wooden bed can make your room feels warm. To strengthen the natural vibe, you can place greenery and place it at the corner.

Open bedroom decorating ideas with a natural and minimalist feel. Passing from wooden beds and open spaces is added with natural lighting accents.

You will be more comfortable in this bedroom. Because this bedroom using a natural touch and minimalist design. Present through all-white colors and wooden beds in addition to the plant accent.

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All-white bedroom with open space and natural lighting makes the room looks spacious. Besides that, add a plant and wooden floors can bring natural feels.

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It’s simple to decorate your bedroom in a minimalist but has a natural touch. Just place a simple wooden bed, chair, floating shelves and use a wooden floor. Paint in white if you like a bright impression. To get a contrast look, you can cover your mattress with a black bedsheet and use black upholstered for the chair.

The vibrations of this bedroom will give a charming impression of dramatic and minimalist bedrooms. Besides that natural charm is also present from white brick walls and natural lighting.

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2.     Minimalist Bedroom with Symmetrical Layout

Balance and symmetry are valued highly in the concept of the minimalist bedroom. For this reason, you can opt for a symmetrical layout to create a neat, orderly arrangement of bedroom furniture.

The key to a symmetrical layout is choosing the right scale of furniture that perfectly matches your bedroom size. Then, you can set up the bed as the room’s focal point that balances the whole proportion of furniture around it.

This is a bedroom concept using a symmetrical layout. The placement of the bed next to the open window gives the right touch.

Minimalist bedroom decorating ideas from open building accents and soft white walls. In addition, the concept of a symmetrical layout with the placement of the two lights that float and wall art accents make a charming decoration.

This is one of the beautiful decoration ideas. With minimalist bedrooms and symmetrical layout settings. By placing simple furniture can make your room looks perfect and not clutter.

The symmetrical layout is present in this minimalist bedroom. Placing the large bed can make the focal point in your room. Balance the decoration by not placing a lot of goods.

It’s a very suitable layout setting. Seen from the room accent placement of the bed in front of a glass window that gives a brighter impression. And then choosing the sleek furniture design can make the minimalist style more feels.

The symmetrical layout is present through the placement of the bed and the bedside table is in line with the concept. Use the same color and sleek design can make the decoration looks perfect.

Elegant bedroom decor comes through bed accents in the right layout. Just place the bedside table on the right and left side of the bed that have a same color as the bed can make a harmonious look.

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This will give an elegant touch with a symmetrical bedroom layout. Placing a wooden pallet bed next to the window is a good idea. Besides this bed accents, soft white color makes it more comfortable for you.

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Bedroom decorating ideas through neutral color accents, a combination of white and black, make a touch of elegance. Apart from that this bedroom provides the right layout. From the arrangement of the chandelier and bedside window. This gives the concept of a special bedroom.

You always prefer to be in this bedroom. With an open bedroom give a minimalist touch. In addition, this bedroom with a good layout makes the room concept look neat.

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3.     Minimalist Bedroom with Classic Look

Besides going with a plain minimalistic look, you can combine the minimalist bedroom design with other popular styles—in this case, the classic style. For starters, set the bed in the middle of the room and put a rounded area rug to cover the floor. This main layout creates an elegant look without crossing the line of minimalism.

While a classic bedroom lightly relies on decorations, you should keep the room décor at a minimum level when following a classic-minimalist design.

Those are some simple and serene layouts you can apply to a minimalist bedroom. Since the purpose of a bedroom is to provide a space for resting comfortably, following those layouts will surely help you achieve that goal.

This bedroom gives a touch of a classic feel by using an antique chandelier for the lighting fixture idea. Add some old jars for the decoration that can strengthen the classic vibe.

Your minimalist bedroom can look elegant bay placing an antique wall o’clock on the one side of your walls. But using a gray color for the main decoration will still maintain the minimalist design of your room.

Eco-friendly bedroom decor with wooden wall accents. In addition, the all-white color adds to the impression of a classic and minimalist bedroom.

A touch of all-white color and wooden buildings in the attic make this bedroom minimalist. Plus accents of soft bed linen in gray color show a classic impression.

You will be more comfortable in this bedroom. Why, because with the combination of classic and minimalist bedroom concepts. Present from the bed and wooden cabinet.

Bedroom decor is open and provides natural lighting. The elegant touch of the bed creates the impression of a classic and minimalist bedroom.

Cozy bedroom decorating ideas. Apart from that, it gives a minimalist classic touch that comes from soft touches and knit headboard. This makes the dream bedroom concept for you.

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