26 Lighting Ideas for Living Room Apartment

Transform your living room apartment into a well-lit space with these brilliant tips on how to choose the best lighting fixtures.

Choosing light fixtures can be quite daunting, especially when the apartment you’re living in has some issues such as lack of natural light and narrow space. Needless to say, light is most crucial in the living room, where most “living” and mingling takes place. Say goodbye to your dreary apartment with these ideas to upgrade your living room apartment overall vibe.

Statement Pendants

Having pendant lights installed on the ceiling will direct attention upward and open up your space. It also adds a dramatic vibe and makes the room look much bigger than it actually is. However, even when you have a ceiling light fixture, do not eliminate other lighting sources altogether. Ceiling pendants work best as a statement lighting fixture among other lighting sources.

Design an elegant apartment living room by placing black pendant lights. This black color is a good way to give a statement in your room.

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Charming apartment living room concept. Using gold pendant lamps to make your room looks elegant and charming.

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This is a beautiful apartment living room design. By using round white lamps combined with natural walls to give a perfect look.

image source

The unique of decorating an apartment using a woven rattan for the pendant lamp idea. This lamp is very in line with your modern farmhouse decor.

image source

This is a beautiful apartment decoration. Why, by attaching pendants lights on the ceiling in the shape of white cones gives a simple and special impression.

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Sconces to Utilize Wall Space

Having problems finding the right place to place additional lighting fixtures? Avoid making the space feel smaller by placing some standing lamps. Instead of taking up valuable floor space, have some mounted sconces on your walls. They save space and are a beautiful addition.

Charming apartment living room design by using the sconces lamp against the wall to give an elegant touch. This a smart idea if you want to add lighting fixtures in your room without taking to much the floor space.

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To save space in your apartment using lamp sconces for the extra lighting fixtures is a good choice. Choose in the gold color to give the impression of luxury in the apartment.

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The idea of decorating apartments with warm colors through the walls gives an elegant and modern feel. Besides the sconces accent lamp on the table provides a touch to save space.

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Using lamp sconces in the apartment living room is the best choice. By sticking to a wall it also provides the concept of saving space.

This fresh and natural living room design using a charming touch. Sconces accent lamp against the wall combined plant and a soft couch. This makes the decoration of a good apartment living room.

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Yellow light for a soft and warm vibe

The lighting in your apartment, especially in the living room, should make your space feel warm and inviting, not only for you but also for your guests. To accomplish that, opt for lighting fixtures that emit yellow light. Softer light is more relaxing. To get that soft light, try to find incandescent bulbs.

This is a beautiful apartment living room design. With yellow lighting on the wall gives a warm and comfortable touch.

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Display a beautiful and modern living room by using lamp sconces and accent wall lamps plus beautiful and classy furniture that makes the living room more stylish.

Modern apartment living room decoration ideas. the display of white walls combined with accents of LED lights located on the ceiling. This makes the design of the living room gives a perfect impression.

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The focus of the living room on the charming display of lighting. By displaying a yellow light that gives soft and warm vibrations.

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Have Mirrors

Mirrors can make a room look larger thanks to its reflective nature. As such, mirrors also come in handy to make the room look a lot brighter since it reflects lights. So, place mirrors directly across the source of light. If your living room has windows with enough natural light, place the mirrors facing the windows. This way, the light will disperse around the room and maximize the illumination. It will also give the illusion that there are more light sources than you really have.

Bohemian style apartment living room with a plant accent in the corner of the room. Besides that, adding a large standing mirror gives the design of the living room with reflected light that will be beautiful.

The vibrations of the living room are getting more beautiful. By attaching a round wall mirror other than that combined plants in the corner of the room. The living room using a mirror accent provides a reflection of illumination light.

image source

Use a wall mirror that faces directly to the window. This provides natural light reflection that gives reflection blown into the living room.

By placing a wall mirror gives a touch of light more beautiful. Also added accents of glass windows that make it even brighter in the living room.

The mirror layout in the middle of the two table lamps gives a touch of elegance. In addition, the apartment living room increasingly provides a touch of light that blows.

image source

Soft living room design with all-white color and use a square mirror accent attached to the wall to create a perfect lighting reflection.

The decoration of the apartment living room provides a comfortable and beautiful concept. With all-white color combined using accent wall mirrors and table lights on the side table that will create the perfect vibration in the living room.

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Don’t Forget Task Lighting

Living room apartments are usually a flexible space, where you entertain not only guests but also yourself. In a modern apartment, the living room often doubles as a reading nook or even working space. As such, when choosing light fixtures for your living room apartment, it’s important to not only consider the overall brightness but also to think about the areas where you’ll need focused light. These focused lights will come in handy when you feel like reading or working on some project in the living room. Task lighting will give you all the right amount of light you need to do these tasks.

Using focus lighting is the right choice. Also very suitable for those of you who relax while reading and doing office work. With the lights placed next to the sofa.

You will be more focused and concentrated on reading books in the living room while relaxing. Namely by using the task lighting lamp that will be placed next to the sofa to make the lighting more elegant.

This is the perfect idea in the apartment living room. By using modern lighting that you can use while relaxing while reading a book and doing some projects in the living room.

Design apartment living room with modern lighting. By using a task lighting accent shaped like a microphone that provides a captivating focus of light. This gives you even easier to make projects or enjoy reading books.

image source

The appearance of the living room will be better and functional. By using task lighting, pole-shaped lighting with lamps placed next to the sofa. That will give you ease in reading books or working on projects with ease.

image source

Also remember, the function is crucial when choosing lighting fixtures for your living room apartment, but don’t forget the overall aesthetic.

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