Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for A Modern Interior

A modern look is not equal as boring and unaesthetic. Design your modern interior with these captivating kitchen cabinet ideas to perfect your kitchen!

A kitchen is not complete without a cabinet. It helps you arrange and store all the kitchen stuff so that you feel comfortable. Without it, your kitchen will look messy and stuffy. You feel more enjoyable doing your things in the kitchen when it is clean, neat, and aesthetic.

For those of you who have a modern interior, you need to pay attention to the cabinet options. That is why these kitchen cabinets ideas can help you perfect your modern interior look right away.

1. Monochrome Cabinet with Herringbone Backsplash

Monochrome colors are perfect for the modern interior. They emphasize the modern look without neglecting the aesthetic. With this cabinet design, all your kitchen stuff will be stored prettily and neatly.

Combined with herringbone pattern backsplash that has reached into its popularity and interests many house owners can radiate a unique and different look to your entire kitchen interior.

It’s very simple if you want to have a modern kitchen decor. Just apply monochrome color to your kitchen shade. Especially for the cabinet. You can use white color and combined with herringbone backsplash to look attractive.

Modern kitchen cabinet decorations by using this monochrome herringbone backsplash, it’s very beautiful and can be a focal point.

This is an elegant blue cabinet decoration and combined using a monochrome herringbone backsplash facing the ceiling makes the wall a stunning feature in an open concept cooking room.

Modern kitchen design with soft white cabinet and combined with monochrome herringbone backsplash to look stand out.

Kitchen with soft white cabinet and combine traditional-modern decoration. In addition, using a monochrome herringbone backsplash takes traditional cabinets to a new contemporary level.

Using white and black is the perfect color combination. With soft white cabinets and monochrome herringbone walls giving warmth.

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Beautiful black design in the interior of a modern kitchen. With a sleek and clean classic modern cabinet. In addition, herringbone marble backsplash gives a beautiful pattern.

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2. Textured Wood

Textured wood cabinet offers a naturally authentic look that will create a warmer ambiance. It radiates the smooth and soft accent that can liven up your whole kitchen’s atmosphere.

It is one of the kitchen cabinet ideas that many people have. That shows how a textured wood cabinet has stolen many hearts. It is a great decision and is perfect for a modern interior.

The wood texture will always be the most sought after kitchen cabinet material. For new updates to wooden cabinets, consider striped exotic wood. The lines will add texture and visual interest to your cabinet.

VOC bamboo kitchen cabinets are low and compact. Besides installing bamboo cabinets means reducing environmental deforestation. In addition to durable, this cabinet gives a charming impression.

This will steal attention when in the kitchen. By using a wood-paneled cabinet and wide window accents radiate natural lighting and minimalist accents.

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Kitchen cabinet decoration with textured wood accents. With a sleek and modern look laminate. And this kitchen provides cleanliness and you will be more comfortable in cooking.

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The elegant design of the kitchen was born through cabinet decoration using tiled wood. With a sleek and modern shape combined with a beautiful chandelier.

This is a cabinet decoration that will give a modern concept. By using textured wood material combined with black ceramic tile accents. This creates an attractive kitchen decoration.

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3. Mirror Glass Cabinet

A mirror glass gives a cleaner and neater look to your kitchen. Its transparency makes your entire kitchen feels spacious as well.

From the aesthetic perspective, the mirror glass embraces the expensive look that will perfect the modernity of your kitchen interior. If you have this mirror glass cabinet, you will create the focal point of the kitchen precisely right away.

To create a neat and clean impression in your kitchen, use a mirror glass cabinet. It’s transparently and will radiate elegantly and can be a focal point in your home.

If you want to bring a fancy nuance in your kitchen, the mirror glass cabinet can help you to make it happen. You can use this cabinet to store your glass collections and get a neat look at the same time.

The kitchen design goes through with a soft white cupboard complete with round blue knobs flanked by an octagonal mirror. This is a modern kitchen cabinet design that inspires you.

Mirrored glass cabinet design that gives wider charm. In addition, the all-white cabinet color added shiny marble accents can create an elegant kitchen design.

Modern kitchen decor with elegant white colors. As well as complete accents of sparkling glass mirrors that give special design.

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4. Luxurious Hardware Cabinet

A luxurious design can suit the modern interior only if you do it right. Do not go too hard on the flashy look or it will ruin the modernity you have been craving.

Rock the luxurious touch by having it on certain parts of the cabinet. You can make the goldish or silvery knobs and metallic cabinet frame. Though it sounds simple, the little luxurious touch will brighten up your modern kitchen.

Be creative and innovative with those kitchen cabinet ideas for your best modern interior!

Luxury and charming in the kitchen come through all-white cabinet accents. And shiny stainless material for the handle. Which makes the kitchen decoration look clean and charming.

A luxurious and beautiful impression in the kitchen is presented through a cabinet design. With a cabinet using gold and stainless handles. Besides the marble wall accents that add a feel of luxury and elegance.

This is a beautiful and sparkling kitchen design all the time. Because the white cabinet accents with gold handles give the impression of luxury and stunning.

A clean kitchen feels with white brick walls, gold cabinet handles, and marble surfaces give a special and luxurious kitchen.

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The contemporary gold and black kitchen design feature an elegant black cabinet with oak and stainless texture. Besides the accent of gold and marble chandelier on the surface of the table gives a luxurious feel.

Elegant kitchen design with modern minimalist black cabinet and gold accent handles and stainless stove. This gives a touch of a luxurious and attractive kitchen.

The design of the kitchen cupboard complements the large kitchen countertop. Also equipped with black oak accents with marble tables and gold-plated velvet benches with a vintage touch. Makes a perfect modern kitchen cabinet.

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