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26 Awesome Tree Ring Planter Idea

Find inspiration for tree ring planter idea to add beautiful landscaping to your own home. Here are some materials that you can apply.

For those who like gardening, there are always ideas to beautify it. You can try something simple such as a tree ring planter idea; it is a decoration around the tree by using material such as marbles, stones, or bricks. Here are some ideas on designing the planter that you can try yourself.

1. Stone Tree Ring Planter

You might have seen a ring planter before and decides to make some. Anything that comes in the same sizes is a great material. The simplest and most affordable thing that you can use is stones or rocks. They are something you can find right around you and easy to make. Just put them around the tree and you are done. It is as simple as that.

Spruce in the backyard of the house can be decorative with a stone ring planter like this. You can also give various kinds of flowers below the spruce to make a colorful view.

Two pile of the stone tree planter. To get awesome decoration in your garden, then you must try this one. Put some flowers on it to get pay attention to.

Shady green tree with a stone ring planter. You’ll be amazed by the result of this decoration in your garden. In addition, planting below the shady tree with a flower as you wish.

image source

In fact, a stone tree ring planter will give extra beauty decorating the main tree in your garden. Similarly with this picture for example.

The extra touch of green with a stone tree ring planter. If you’re looking for style decoration to makeover your garden, then this will help you. Put some green grass around the main tree, too.

image source

The mini spruce tree below the main spruce. Equally important, to adds stone tree ring planter around the main spruce to get an awesome decorating garden.

image source

Red flower in bloom below the tree. To make the best deal of decoration in your garden otherwise, put a stone tree ring planter that is surrounding a tree.

image source

The stones arranged in a ring make it very good for your backyard garden. In addition, beautiful flowers under the trees add shade.

image source

Utilizing natural stone and forming rings besides that combined accents of green gardens and palm trees. This gives a fresh and charming feel.

Beautiful blooming flowers give a beautiful charm and natural stone arrangements form a ring around the tree and flowers. Creating the impression of a beautiful garden.

Flowers under a tree surrounded by natural stones form a ring that makes the impression of this garden gives a perfect charm.

image source

2. Square Brick Tree Ring Planter

When you are making your house, there may be some construction material left. You can make great use of it by using square bricks circling the tree. It is a great tree ring planter idea to try to reuse material around the house. Another option is to make the ring not just around a tree, but it can also be implemented in soil with plants and flowers.

Beautiful flower mini garden in square brick ring planter. Not only that but also gives the best-style to the main tree in your garden.

Plain square brick ring planter in the big tree. For your backyard that is have a big tree, then better you put decoration like this picture to get a simple decoration.

White gravel in the square brick ring planter make up the decorations look stunning. In addition, plant some flowers below the tree, too.

image source

Usually, if people have a big tree in the backyard they add it with a square brick ring planter. Because of the simple decoration of the garden.

image source

Tile a brick into a square brick ring planter to make decoration in your garden that has a big tree. It’s simple and useful, too.

image source

The trees across the house can be given a simple touch of decoration with a brick. Just put a brick for surrounding the tree, yes just it is.

image source

To make a little flower garden below the tree. You should build a square brick ring planter around the tree. It is simple and easy to make, too.

image source

 3. Border Shrubs as the Ring Planter

A tree ring planter idea also can use other plant bases. Shrubs make a great natural planter around the tree. Choose the kind of shrubbery which is not too tall and can be cut in a certain form. So, it is easier to trim when the plant grows higher. You can put marbles underneath for variation as optional.

Apply your creativity when designing a tree ring planter idea. You can use various materials, even something that you do not use anymore. It is a great way to create a beautiful feature in the garden by using simple things. Not only for trees, but the ring is also suitable for circulating flowers also.

The tiny tree with flowers below it. To make an awesome garden then you probably want to mimic this idea. Just simple to plant the flower below the single tiny tree.

image source

Awesome various flower colors surrounding a big tree. To make awesome gardening like that, you just need to border shrubs as the ring Planter.

Purple flower surrounding the mini palm tree. In this garden, you will be amazed by the view of the flower arranger. The green landscape behind also makes it powerful refreshed.

image source

The festive color of flowers surrounds the big tree. There are many kinds of flowers that surround the tree, as a result, it makes the garden more alive and cheerful.

Green plant surrounding the tree. To make an extra green in the garden, put some green plants below the big tree. As a result, you can see the picture above.

Plant with color accent. The tree in the garden has a plant with many color accents below the tree. It makes a fantastic decoration in the garden.

image source

Fantastic flowers surrounding the tree in the flower garden. There are many colors of the flower that makes your eye feel at home.

Rickshaw with full of flowers next to the tree. There also have the various color of flowers that makes a shooting eye sensation.

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