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Try Making These 25 Lovely DIY Vase for a Whimsical House

Finding the best vase for your house doesn’t always require a lot of money. Find out here to discover easy and simple DIY vase ideas.

Having a vase is like having a space for everything. Fresh flowers? Check. Plastic greeneries? Check. Unused stationeries? Check, check, check. It’s stylish, practical, and can be easily made from any available material around you.

While store-bought vases are definitely good-looking, there’s a personal pleasure in creating something according to your want. Whether it’s the color, shape, or size, you’ll create it based on your needs. Additionally, creating your own vase also means saving extra bucks you can save or use for another thing.

Looking for ideas about what to make? Here are five lovely DIY vase ideas to lighten up your house.

1.     Tin Can DIY Vase

Rather than buying an expensive vase in home depots, you can try to reuse an unused tin can in your house. Not only that you don’t have to pay for it, but you also help the world to be more sustainable in reducing waste. Decorate the tin can with lace, ribbon, glitter, or any decoration that you like best.

Beautiful and creative decoration ideas using a tin can DIY vase. By using silver cans and decorated with cute ribbons and using to place beautiful flowers can give a special impression.

A friendly and beautiful display for a whimsical house by adding tin can DIY vase to place rose flowers and be used for a table decoration. This makes the design of your space more cute and attractive.

Adding tin can DIY vase in your home will give an innovative impression. Paint the tin can with some colors such as light grey, yellow and purple and add a white ribbon to beautify the look. It can give the appearance of a more elegant and tense atmosphere.

Utilizing second-hand goods makes your home more friendly and cost-effective. Simply using old tin and a little ribbon has become a charming and beautiful Tin Can DIY Vase in your home.

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2.     Elegant Concrete Vase

A perfect combination of solid and delicate, this elegant concrete DIY vase might be your favorite spot to display your flowers. You can make this DIY vase at home with some cement and vase mold.

Elegant flower vase with cute vase shapes by using concrete materials that give the impression of an elegant vase. Paint in pink colors and put your flowers in it can give the perfect impression to be placed in your home.

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Your home will be more attractive by adding a beautiful vase made of concrete that is placed on the table. In addition, using beautiful roses adds to the impression of a more attractive concrete vase.

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The simple design but look attractive is displayed through a concrete vase accent in front of the house with an attractive shape. A concrete vase placed in front of the house gives a charming touch.

Amazing appearance using concrete vases. The tube-shaped concrete vase placed on the table gives an interesting touch to the room. Coupled with special roses make the flower vase give a more elegant touch.

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Interesting vase designs that are attractive and durable because of the vases using concrete materials. This tubular concrete vase is placed on a table using beautiful roses. With this room, you have an elegant and durable decoration.

3.     Disco Ball Vase

Shining, shimmering, splendid, this disco ball DIY vase is retro vase is something that you’d want to display in your home ASAP. Whether you fill it with flowers or stationeries, the shine that comes with it will make heads turn.

This is a creative and trendy design by using a sparkling disco ball vase with paired colorful flowers to give a pleasant impression to be placed in the room of your home.

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Turning a disco ball into a vase is an innovative form of thinking. By punching holes in the tops and placing flower arrangements on it, it creates the impression of a disco vase ball that gives an interesting touch.

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Colorful and hard with beautiful disco balls that will make any room look slick and feminine. This shiny DIY planter is best suited for green plants that have a touch of pink flowers.

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Shiny feminine disco ball shiny color that will make any room look slick and elegant. A touch of beautiful roses adds a graceful and charming impression.

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The beauty of the disco ball that will make the dining table look mesmerizing. Plus a touch of beautiful roses adds a graceful and charming impression.

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4.     Mason Jar DIY Vase

Storing old mason jars once used cookies and jams? Don’t rush and throw it out because you can transform it into an enchanting DIY vase. Easy and simple to make, simply fill the mason jar with water and put a fresh flower in it.

You can beautify your table decoration by placing a mason jar DIY vase. This a cheap material that you can find around your home. All you need to do is fill the jar with some water and put fresh flowers on it. Add lace and ribbon to make the jar looks more beautiful.

To get the freshness of the room, you can use fresh flowers that put on the mason jar. This idea does not spend cost much. In addition, Marson jar maintenance is very easy and the flowers will always be fresh with water in them.

To make it look more charming, use mason jar as a flower vase. Fill the jar with fresh flowers to beautify your room perfectly. You can decorate it with straw ribbons and burlap.

To make it look more elegant, use a mason jar as a flower vase. Fill with fresh roses to beautify your room perfectly. You can decorate it with a straw ribbon.

To replace the soil in a mason jar vase, you can use water instead. Add unique ornate Marson candle accents that will enhance the atmosphere.

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5.     Lightbulb Vase

Who would’ve thought that an old bulb can be a lovely flower vase? Whether you display it on the shelf or hang it on the patio, both will spruce up your house just fine.

Finding the best vase for your house doesn’t always require a lot of money. Sometimes, the only thing you need is these DIY vase ideas and a lot of creativity!

Interesting touches for you to decorate the table. By using the lightbulb vase. and combined with a fresh flower. To be more perfect, add water to make it look always fresh.

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Unique and charming design, by utilizing used lightbulb for vases. Which is placed on the table with a wire accent as a buffer. To always look beautiful, you can add water to keep it looking fresh every day.

Utilizing used a lightbulb and used for the vase is a creative idea. With the added accent of the wire as a buffer besides that, add water so that the flowers are always charming every day.

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Make it very easy and beautiful by utilizing the used lightbulb for vases to give the impression of decorating your home more pleasant. So that flowers always look beautiful you can also provide water in them.

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This is a creative idea by utilizing a used lamp made as a flower vase. Light bulbs to make it more charming add a wire accent to the buffer. And flowers to be always beautiful you can give it water.

This light bulb is turned into a beautiful flower vase. By putting it in the corner and hanging, this light bulb uses beautiful flowers and a combination of water so that the flowers are always beautiful on a daily basis.

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