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30 Creative and Easy DIY Mason Jar for Spring

Rather than throwing it out, transform your vintage mason jars into a set of useful and adorable crafts with these spring DIY mason jar ideas.

With the increasing awareness of sustainability, many people begin to lessen their waste by reusing things such as plastic and glass. This notion is true to your collections of mason jars.

Rather than throwing it out, you can spruce it up with spring-themed accessories and see how it fits your home so well. From what used to be a pickle jar, cookie storage, and jam preservation, there are a lot of options to create your unique DIY mason jar crafts.

Curious about where to start? Here are some of the most creative and easy ideas to create your personal spring DIY mason jar!

1.     Terrarium

When it comes to spring, there’s nothing like a decoration that represents life itself: a terrarium. Mason jars are the best place to put your little life in because it’s made of transparent glass. Simply add plants, rocks, soil, and let your DIY mason jar flourish.

One smart and creative idea for a green touch in your home is the use of a mason jar DIY jar as a terrarium. This terrarium looks simple and easy to care for.

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Take advantage of your mason jar to beautify your home decor in spring. You can make a touch of terrarium green. The materials needed are very easy to find in the houses around you.

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An easy way to decorate your home in spring in moderation is to use terrarium moss as a natural and environmentally friendly touch. Add stones and gravel as ornaments in it.

Complete your terrarium with a funny and unique cover as above. You must have it for decorative decoration at home when spring arrives.

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Avoid using soil in terrarium moss to reduce impurities in it. Complete with deer ornaments for real natural depictions, for example, the forest. This mason jar is enough to decorate your table decoration.

The depiction of nature in this terrarium looks very real with the completeness of colorful moss. Use a transparent mason jar so you can see clearly from the outside. Use stone and soil as a layer of moss.

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2.     Flower Vase

Arguably the simplest and easiest DIY mason jar to make, incorporate breaths of life by adding this flower vase to any space in your house. Since mason jar is beautiful as it is, you only need to fill it with water and let the flower rest.

You can beautify your table decorations by placing a DIY vase from a mason jar. Mix and match colors of flowers and vases to make them look more harmonious. For perfection, water can be seen as a flower that is always fresh.

To get the freshness of the room, you can use live flowers that contain mason jar. This idea does not cost much. Besides this, maintenance of the jar is very easy and the flower will always stay fresh with the water inside.

To make it look more luxurious, you can use mason jar as a flower vase. Fill with live roses to beautify your space perfectly. You can decorate it with straw ties.

To replace the soil in a mason jar vase, you can use water instead. Add a unique ornate Marson candle accent that will enhance the atmosphere.

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Making mason jar DIY is very easy and inexpensive. You only need water and sunflowers as decoration. This flower vase can improve mood when you are at home.

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Avoid using soil in the mason jar. It aims to reduce the dirt in your flower vase, try using water. Place it on a table that is often visited by guests and family.

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3.     Candle Holder

Now that winter is over, you will have to do some thorough spring cleaning and leave all the winter decorations behind. This colorful candle holder is a great DIY mason jar idea to add colors to your house.

Placing candles in a mason jar is a simple decoration but gives a beautiful feeling. With a jar equipped with a rope hanger and a ribbon of grass gives a special impression.

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Decorations that display through candles are in this jar. By combining a candle with rice in it. This creates a unique mason jar candle impression.

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If you want to give a gift to a friend, DIY handmade scented candles are the best solution and advice. Add dry leaf ornaments to wrap the outside of the jar and the straw ribbon.

A charming idea to use candles with a mason jar. Mason jar with beautiful flower carvings on the outside gives a beautiful lighting texture.

Candles will look more luxurious with small shiny beads. The appearance of this candle will awaken you and make you excited about spreading happiness.

Decorate candles that are charming by using a beautiful ornate mason jar. Candles with water give a more charming impression. Plus a straw ribbon accent gives a stunning spring feel.

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4.     Outdoor Lamps

Planning to hold a spring garden party? Transform your old mason jars into this outdoor string lamps that illuminate your party. Hang them on your pergola or patio and let yourself enjoy the warm nights of spring.

This is a beautiful display design on the pergola. By adding a mason jar accent with a light string. This gives the impression of a warm and special pergola.

The charming decoration is in the pergola by adding a mason jar and candles inside. The mason jar that is hung on a wooden fence gives a pleasant springtime feel.

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The beauty is the pergola which is assisted by a mason jar accent using a light accent. This mason jar design gives an increasingly beautiful and captivating feel.

Adding a mason jar with a lamp inside and hanging it on a pergola gives it a special pergola concept in the spring.

Beautiful charm by adding a mason jar hanging from a tree. Mason jar is equipped with fairy lights that provide beautiful and charming lighting.

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The idea of decorating a pergola by adding a mason jar using a candle inside gives a special mason jar feel. With a jar suspended above, it tied with a rope makes spring more enjoyable.

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5.     Wall Planters

If you don’t have enough space for gardening, you can always take your garden inside with these wall planters DIY mason jar. Fill it with soil and flower and hang it on the vacant space of your house.

Decorating your home for spring is no longer a difficult task with these DIY mason jar ideas. Easy, simple, and sustainable, find yourself swooning over these crafts like nothing before.

Using a mason jar as a plant pot is a creative idea. Mason jar filled with ornamental plant accents and natural stones makes the impression of a cute mason jar.

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Creative design in a mason jar by using as a wall planter. And combined using a wooden plank accent that makes the spring more lively.

Utilizing a mason jar and used for a wall planter is a creative decorating idea. With a jar decorated with hard blue ornament inside and giving a cheerful look.

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Arrangement of planter walls with planters made of the mason jar and beautiful flower accents arranged in the form of rhombus. This is a mason jar design for creative wall planters.

The concept of using a mason jar used and used as a planter is an interesting idea. With a jar attached to the wall with a piece of wood and tied with wire provides a beautiful decoration for the wall.

The elegance displayed by the planter walls using mason jar and ornamental plant accents on the wall provides a creative decoration for your home.

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