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26 Unthinkable Ideas of Smart Laundry Room Design in Small Space

If you live in an apartment or a small house, you have to be extra creative to have a room for your laundry stuff. Here are some ideas of smart laundry room design in small space.

Each home requires a laundry room, but unfortunately, some homes have very limited space that it takes extra creativity to have a room for laundry stuff. The key guide to have a smart laundry room design in a small space is to think of the unthinkable! Then, think about whether the room can fit all the laundry utensils and supplies or not. Perhaps, the following incredible ideas of laundry room design can help you.

1. Laundry Room Cabinet (Maximizing Space)

You might have heard about a laundry room in a cabinet or a larder (a large cupboard), but the one with some extra behind-the-door shelves? The cabinet is for your washing machine and dryer with a small shelf over them, but you can install a simple wooden shelf on each of the cabinet’s door backs, for extra storage.

That way, all your laundry utensils and supplies can be covered in the compact cabinet. This is what we call a multifunctional minimalist laundry room. Smart!

If you want to maximize your small laundry room you can build a cabinet and install racks to store laundry utensils and supplies. And also you can use the cabinet to save the foldable iron board. It’s very useful to save space in your small laundry room.

This is a charming small laundry room design who uses a small space by maximizing it to be a beautiful design. With a combination of folding doors and storage shelves on the reverse. Which gives a practical and minimalist impression.

The functional concept in a small laundry room with a large cabinet containing a washing machine and behind the door still provides storage space. With the reverse functioning of the storage rack washing and cleaning tools. This is the ideal small laundry room decoration for you.

Maximizing the space that is not too broad in the laundry room by adding accent shelves behind the door. Which adds to the impression of a more special laundry room.

Small laundry room decoration that uses a minimalist cabinet. This cabinet, which maximizes storage space and is also functional, adds to the impression of a comfortable laundry room.

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Decorative small laundry room with a functional cabinet and combined door accents with ironing board give the impression of a practical and special laundry room.

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Small laundry room decoration ideas that utilize space as much as possible in order to provide a practical concept. With a combination of a wooden cabinet and put a floating shelf behind the door, it creates the impression of a perfect laundry room decoration.

Design a small laundry room by utilizing good space. By using a sliding door and a combination of basket shelves that give a functional impression. With this laundry room decoration gives an easy and perfect impression.

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This is an interesting concept in the laundry room by utilizing accent space with a minimalist cabinet in mint and using a wooden rack plus a window accent that provides natural lighting to the room.

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2. Study + Laundry Room

If you have a study room, why not add your laundry stuff there? It may sound unbelievable, but as long as you can design it right with the exact layout, it can all fit together. Another perk of having this smart laundry room design in small space, now you can also kill the boredom of doing the laundry with reading some books from your desk.

The creative idea is in this laundry room by combining it with the study room. By applying a large window and some beautiful plants can make you feel comfortable to read your books while waiting for your laundry is done.

This provides a laundry room with multiple functions. By combining laundry room with study room. This provides a special laundry room decoration.

Combining a laundry room with a study room is a fun concept. You will provide a different atmosphere of learning and your laundry activity will be more fun.

The laundry room concept has a dual function by combining it with the study room can create the impression of a unique and different laundry room looks.

This is a stunning declaration to kill boredom. By combining laundry room with study room plus accent hanging lamps and white cabinet that gives a charming impression.

This is one way to kill boredom by adding a study room to the laundry room. You can complete with a bench and foam on the surface to make more comfortable. Don’t forget to add some throw pillows to complete the decoration.

There are creative ideas in the laundry room that combine using study room accents that give the power to kill boredom in learning.

The laundry room concept by adding a study room will create the impression of killing boredom. The white laundry room with fresh plant accents gives more privileges.

Basically this will give the feel of a more pleasant laundry room. By becoming a dual function combined with a laundry room using the study room accent. This creates a beautiful and attractive design.

The decoration is unique and rarely found but this is an idea that should be copied for you. By combining the study room with the laundry room that gives a special and mesmerizing impression.

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3. Under-the-Staircase Laundry Room

Another smart laundry room design in small space as a bonus is the extraordinary under-the-staircase laundry room. If you live in a two-story house or more, you can apply this brilliant idea. Fit the washing machine and dryer into the space and install some wall-mounted shelves around the machines for your laundry storage. So, have you been inspired with the three amazing ideas mentioned above? Hopefully, our ideas of smart laundry room design in small space can help you

Placing the laundry room under the stairs is a perfect concept and saves space. With a washing machine combined with a small cabinet, it gives a functional and practical impression.

This is an interesting and beautiful concept in the laundry room. The laundry room is placed under the stairs and creates the impression of a laundry that gives a different feel and saves space.

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Placing the laundry room under the stairs is an inspiring concept because placing it under the stairs is proper to save space and provide beautiful decoration.

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Inspiring and creative ideas by placing a laundry room under the stairs. With a white cabinet plus smooth rug accents give a more comfortable and beautiful concept.

This is a beautiful and charming laundry room design by placing the washing machine under the stairs. It can save more space in your home and not letting the space under the stair is not used. This is a creative concept.

A charming design in the laundry room that is placed under the stairs can rarely saves space in your tiny house. Complete with doors to protect your washing machine.

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Bright decorating ideas in the laundry room by placing the laundry room under the stairs. This creates the impression of saving space and giving the impression of increasingly minimalist space.

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