5 Tips to Store Your Cute Cup Collections at Home

Need a solution about how to organize your cup collections? These simple tips will reduce clutter and turn your cups into extra decorations.

Organizing your cups is not just about making your morning coffee routine easier. If you collect cute and colorful cups, they can double as decorations. There are many ways to organize your growing collection without turning your home into a mess. Here are several useful tips to try.

1. Wall Board 

Want to hang your cups without ruining the wall? Hang them on a piece of thin board. Insert several hooks or long nails on the board, depending on the number of cups you want to hang. Stick the board to the wall and hang your cups.

Using wallboard as a hanging board for cup storage gives the impression that it is easier and more practical. Plus you will easily save it.

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Charming decoration in the kitchen and looks old-fashioned. By using this wallboard to hang your cup collection. It can make your cup organized and can enhance your home looks.

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If you need an idea to store your cup collection, you can use some pallet boards and install some hooks on it. Stick to the wall and hang your cups to get a neat impression.

Hang the cup on a piece of board with some hooks and attach it to this cabinet. To make more interesting you can paint the board with the color you like and give some words such as “cup of joy”. It can create a beautiful and charming cup of storage design.

You will easily make it. By using a piece of wood planks and adding nail hooks for cup storage. This creates the ease and beauty of collecting your cup.

Simple decoration in cup storage by using wooden panels attached to the wall. This gives the impression the cup will be neat and beautiful besides that you can easily store it.

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2. Tiered Wire Baskets

Commonly used to store fruits and pastries, tiered wire baskets are also useful for storing cups. You can use the extra basket to store the other beverage supplies. For example, if you have a three-tiered wire basket set, use the two bottom baskets for cups. The top one is for K-cups, tea bags, tea strainer, or small spoons.

Baskets that are usually used for storage of the fruit are converted to a storage cup. You can use the lower of the tiered wire basket to store the cups and for the top to store some small plate. The decoration was given a funny and charming impression for you.

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This is a cute cup storage idea by using a yellow tiered wire basket to store your colorful cup collections. It can make your kitchen looks cheerful.

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Even though this tiered wire basket is using to store some ornaments but you can use the middle level of the basket to store your cups. In this case, your cups can be used for decoration items too.

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Getting around the metal rack that holds all your coffee cups might be an ideal choice. Especially if you have friends and family to chat with.

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You will be more comfortable when brewing coffee with family. By using a tiered wire basket with three levels to store your cups, coffee, sugar, and spoons. This provides creative and neat decoration.

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3. Wall Rail with Hooks

Use an empty space in your kitchen to store cups by using a rail. Install a rail above the countertop or on an unused wall section. Use several hooks to hang your cups on the rail. You can also place the rail under a floating shelf board, creating a storage spot ideal for a tiny kitchen.

Using a wall rail as a storage cup is a good idea. With associated and neatly arranged it gives a beautiful and charming impression.

Creative decoration utilizing wall rails as cup storage. This neatly hung white cup combined with basket accents below. With this decoration, your kitchen will be more beautiful and comfortable.

A charming kitchen concept using a stainless wall rail is used for storing cups with S hooks to makes it easy to store the cup.

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This is one simple but still special idea. Namely by using a metal wall rail that is used as a storage cup. This makes hospitality in the kitchen and practical.

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You will serve coffee easily and practically. Namely by placing a few cups that are stored on the wall rail. You only need to hang the cup in an S-shaped hook on the wall rail and note it in such a way that it is neatly arranged.

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4. Wall Display for Cups

Turn your cute, colorful cups into a home art by using a wall display. Install a wall rack that can accommodate numerous cups at once. Hang your best-looking cups and let their bright colors adorn your wall. Looking at this display every morning can energize you through the eyes before even the first sip of coffee.

Making this cute cup as a beautiful home decoration. By using a wooden shelf that clings to the wall on a wooden table. Beautiful cups are displayed beautifully and funny. This makes decorations unique and functional for you.

Cute flower-patterned cups are neatly arranged on the wall shelves and make them as home decorations. This is a good idea to copy and use.

An interesting and beautiful concept by using wooden wall shelves as cup storage. In addition, also a beautiful and beautiful flower-patterned cup that can be an additional home decoration.

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A good idea to collect a cup and display it as home decoration. By utilizing wooden wall shelves this will add to the atmosphere of the house more special.

Using a wall shelf made of white wood which is used as storage cups that are cute in color flower. This makes it one of the beautiful and stunning home decorations.

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5. Organizer Racks in Cabinet

Even after arranging everything in a kitchen cabinet, you are probably left with extra space above your stuff. Use these empty spaces by installing organizer racks. Store your cups there to save space and reduce clutter.

Organizing cups without creating clutter in the kitchen is easy. Use these ideas to organize and turn your cute cups into home decorations.

By utilizing an empty kitchen cabinet rack as a storage cup will create a more presentable and far from a mess.

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Clean kitchen design and to save storage space you can store the cup in the organizer cabinet rack. Besides being neat and safe, it can also avoid chaos.

Make it more presentable and beautiful by using an organizer cabinet rack as cup storage. This gives the impression of being safe and neat plus also saves space.

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