25 Creative Ways to Organize Your Cluttered Bathroom

Creative solutions for bathroom organization reduce clutter and give you a more relaxing bathing experience.

We love a little comfort in the bathroom, but when your supplies start to turn into clutter, it’s time to handle them. Organizing a bathroom will declutter the space and make the bathing experience more convenient. If you cannot remove every product from the bathroom, use these creative ideas to organize them.

1. Shower Caddy

A shower caddy is a great organizing tool for a tiny bathroom. It is a basket that you can hang from the showerhead. This way, you can access shampoo and conditioner bottles, soap, and the other main bathroom supplies conveniently.

Give a shower caddy in your bathroom to make your small bathroom organized. You can use it to store neatly your toiletries.

Using a shower caddy is a good idea to save space and make organized your small bathroom.

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A shower caddy is a tool that is suitable for your small bathroom to store your toiletries. Your bathroom will look organized and also can enhance your bathroom looks.

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A wooden shower caddy that used in small bathrooms will be very useful because you can use it to store your belongings such as soap, shampoo, and other tools.

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A shower caddy is a storage device that can be hung on the shower like in the picture above. This way you can access shampoo bottles, conditioners, soap, and other main bathroom supplies easily.

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2. Tiered Baskets

Tiered baskets are great for decluttering your sink countertop without eating up much space. A tiered basket can accommodate personal supplies such as toothbrushes in a cup, small towels, handwashing liquid, facial foam, and other products you need to grab on the sink.

Using a tiered basket as storage above the sink is a good idea. You can easily store your toiletries and tissue. So that your bathroom will look more neat and interesting.

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To make your bathroom look neater you can use a tiered basket like in the picture above. This basket will be extra storage for your small bathroom.

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A tiered basket used above the sink will make your bathroom has a large space because this tiered basket can save space.

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Choosing a tiered basket for storage above the sink will make it easier for you to pick up the items you need.

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To facilitate your activities in the bathroom precisely at the sink, you can use a tiered basket like in the picture above. Because with this basket will make it easier for you when picking up goods.

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3. Simple Floating Shelves

Nothing can beat simple floating shelves for their versatility. You can cut a board into any measurement to fit even the most awkward space in the bathroom. Install these shelves above the toilet, near the bathtub, or next to the sink countertop. You can repaint the boards to match the bathroom design.

A simple floating rack mounted above the toilet like in the picture above is a good idea for a small bathroom. With this floating shelf, you will be able to easily pick up items you need when you urinate.

One way to facilitate your activities on the toilet, you can install a simple float rack. Use them to store your towels and it can make you easy to reach them.

To make your bathroom look more organized, use floating shelves and attach them above the toilet to store your towels and tissues.

Building a floating shelf above the toilet is a suitable storage area for you to use. Because of this storage area, your toilet will look more simple.

If you want an organized small bathroom you need to apply a floating shelf above the toilet. Besides being able to make the bathroom look organized, with this floating shelf you can store more items.

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4. Wall Spice Racks

Who says spice racks are only for kitchens? Many spice racks are cheap enough to buy in bulk. Use them to store bathroom supplies on your wall without installing cabinets. These racks are also more secure than simple floating shelves, so you can use them to store bathroom products in bottles.

The spice rack is not only used in the kitchen, but the spice rack is also very suitable to use in small bathrooms. Because with the spice rack used in this bathroom, these toiletries will be safer.

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Using a spice rack attached to the wall in the bathroom like in the picture above is the right choice. Because this wall shelf will help secure your toiletries.

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If you want a safer float rack, you can install this spice rack on top of your vanity. This spice rack can be used to store your things.

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Choosing a spice rack mounted on the bathroom wall is a good idea. Because with this storage you can store your belongings safely.

The spice rack used for storage of bottles such as shampoo, soap, and other items will make it safe and will not fall. And also your small bathroom will look more organized.

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5. Old Chair

Turn an old chair into a handy organizer for frequently used bathroom supplies. Use the back of the chair to hang your towel. The seat is for your soap, shampoo, or conditioner. You can also place them next to the bathtub and place the home spa products on the seat.

Changing an old chair for storage in the bathroom is a brilliant idea. You can function this chair to put your towels and place next to the bathtub to make you easily reach them.

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For those of you who like a practical bathroom, you can use an old chair for storage. Like in the picture above, using an old chair to place towels will make your bathroom look simple.

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Using an old chair to put towels is perfect for you to use because it makes your bathroom neat and organized.

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Turning an old chair into a practical organizer will make your bathroom look more unique. This a simple storage idea but can give an important effect on your bathroom. It can make your bathroom looks neat and clean.

An old chair that is placed in the bathroom and used for storage will make the bathroom look more classic and organized.

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Organizing a bathroom will reduce clutter and make the room feel more spacious. Improve your bathroom atmosphere by simply adding organizer solutions.

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