How to Create Luxurious Look in Small Living Room

Turn a small living room into a luxurious den with the right architectural parts, materials, and home decorations.

The luxurious living room doesn’t always involve a large space. You can turn a small living room into a luxurious lounge. Combining the right furniture, materials, color, and layout will turn a small space into a posh hideout. Here are some tricks to create an opulence living room in a limited space.

1. Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Panels

Large glass panels are the main features of many modern luxury architectures. You can create a modern luxury by installing floor-to-ceiling glass panels. They may serve as windows or sliding doors, bringing natural light inside and creating a more spacious feel.

The luxurious design of a small living room that uses glass panel features. They can function as windows and doors at the same time. It can create the impression of a more luxurious and elegant living room.

Installing glass panels from the floor to the ceiling for this small living room design can create a living room decoration that looks more luxurious and perfect.

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Applying a glass panel from the floor to the ceiling for the living room design is a good idea to create a luxurious nuance. Combined with wood panels for the floor and ceiling to give a natural impression.

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Cool shades created from glass panel accents installed for the walls of this luxurious living room. Besides this glass panel serves as a window and door that brings natural lighting.

Perfect decoration ideas in the living room using glass panels that create luxury. It can be applied for the window and door at the same time. And on the other hand, it also can make your living room looks spacious and bright.

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2. Modern Minimalist Sofa Set

Buy a sofa set with a modern minimalist design to adorn a luxurious living room. Make sure the sofas have the same design to create a seamless look. The current luxury trend involves simple design with unique flairs. For example, a white sofa set may have brass or black-coated legs.

The elegant decoration of this small living room uses the right sofa. The soft white sofa is in harmony with the interior color and gives the feel of a luxurious and comfortable living room.

By using a comfortable sofa that is selected and smooth texture while the natural color of the interior walls. This makes the design of the living room look bolder and more elegant.

A minimalist white sofa is placed in a small living room and combined with glass panel accents that function as windows. This gives the perfect and luxurious look for your living room.

A charming display is shown in the living room with a minimalist sofa that gives the best impression. In addition, this small living room combined with textured wood floor accents that add a more comfortable impression.

This luxurious living room design with a white sofa and adds a glass panel for the window to give a more perfect living room decoration.

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3. Statement Lamps

Lamps with distinctive designs add attractive charms in a small living room design. Don’t hesitate to splurge for a high-quality modern pendant lamp with a contemporary style. Choose an elegant and demure design to make it look timeless. You can also install modern sconce lights near functional areas to improve the room.

Adding beautiful lights to the small living room gives the impression of a more classy living room. Accent statement lamps in black and combined with a dark green sofa adds a luxurious feel.

This will be the dream living room for you. With a small living room that charms in the accent round white chandelier and gold lampshade for the table lamp can strengthen the luxurious vibe to the living room design.

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The charming appearance is in this small living room to dip. Because of the black color table lamp that aligned with the color of the sofa creates an elegant and luxurious nuance.

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Graceful and enchanting decorating ideas are present in this small living room. The black table lamps can be the focal point in the living room. The lamp color that match with rug and color scheme of the living room, makes the living room more enchanting.

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The beauty and elegance that is presented through the interior design of this living room. Using a silver table lamp made of metal is looking very match with the other of ornaments.

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4. Marble Surfaces

Marble is still a classic choice for creating luxurious rooms. Marble tiled provide instant upgrades in a small room. You can layer it with marble tiles to suit the floor or applied to the walls.

The small living room looks luxurious through accents of marble surfaces on the walls. In addition, it is combined with soft gray that creates a dazzling feel.

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You will feel more comfortable with the concept of a small living room using a marble tile for the wall. Namely, the cold and elegant impression comes through the wall surface of this marble.

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This luxurious living room style accents with white marble walls combined with black floor accents. Which makes the design of a more classy living room.

The attraction that is given through the decoration of this charming living room by using a marble surface on the walls. Make increasingly a luxurious combination of living room style.

This cozy and elegant living room decoration idea by using the concept of a marble surface for the walls and floors. In addition, the spacious glass panel takes in natural lighting and looks more spacious for this living room.

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5. Beautiful Artworks

Having artworks at home is often a sign of success. With that logic, installing artworks in a small living room will make it look posh. You don’t need to fill up all the walls with artworks. Pick one or two distinctive pieces such as painting or sculpture that blends well with the interior design.
A small living room should not limit your creativity. Create a luxurious vibe with these design tips and wow all your guests.

Adding an abstract artwork to this small living room gives the room a more distinct appearance. Combined with soft sofas, it makes the living room more dramatic and luxurious features.

The elegant contemporary living room style that uses abstract artwork can increase the living room looks.

Beautiful and elegant style in the living room through a big artwork that attached on the wall. Place behind the sofa, it can be the focal interest of your living room.

The special appearance in the living room is displayed from the additional features of artworks which give the effect of a more luxurious and elegant living room.

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Color is often proven to be the easiest way to incorporate artwork into a home. This living room benefits from a neutral base, with colorful accents that are easy to transform into a minimalist and luxurious feel.

Artwork’s sketch of Steve Jobs gives the feel of the living room increasingly amazing. With abstract ink printing that balances geometric and luxurious themes into the living room.

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