5 Tips to Design A Trendy and Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Eco-friendly kitchen design offer sustainable materials, non-toxic paint, and the right appliances to save water and energy.

A sustainable home is a rising trend, but do you really know how to design an eco-friendly kitchen? You don’t need to involve expensive materials and features; there are various solutions to create a green kitchen design without breaking the bank. Here are several useful tips to make your kitchen more sustainable.

1. Use Non-VOC Paint

When painting various surfaces in the kitchen, make sure to choose a non-VOC paint. Regular paint releases volatile organic chemicals (VOC) to the air when applied, which slowly erodes the air quality inside and outside your kitchen. Using non-VOC paint can reduce the pollution level.

Kitchen design using non-VOC soft cream paint can reduce pollution and make it more environmentally friendly. And the combination of quartz features on the countertop adds to the impression of being comfortable and trendy.

Using non-VOC paint in the kitchen with natural colors gives the impression of being cool and naturally environmentally friendly. Also added with an accent cabinet with yellow wood creates a kitchen design that is more comfortable and clean.

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Simple white kitchen and wood furniture give the impression of an environmentally-friendly kitchen. With the selection of non-VOC soft white paint gives an environmentally friendly and charming feel.

The concept given in this kitchen is environmentally friendly. By using accents of paint made from non-VOC soft turquoise color plus using a wooden cabinet gives a more natural and attractive impression

This is a beautiful and comfortable kitchen decoration for you. By using non-VOC paint that makes this room cooler and reduces pollution and accent cabinet furniture that brings a cooler feel.

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2. Install Quartz as Countertop Material

Quartz is one of the most sustainable materials for a countertop. It lasts long, doesn’t require any chemical sealants, and comes from quarries that present the least environmental impacts. Quartz is also easy to maintain, and you don’t need special or harsh chemicals to clean it. Modern quartz comes in various colors and patterns, a perfect companion for any kitchen design.

The idea of an environmentally friendly kitchen decor by choosing a countertop using beautifully patterned quartz material combined with white wood accents. This creates a countertop design that is easy to care for and less influence on the environment.

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Enchanting kitchen design using countertop accents made from smooth white quartz. This can create a minimalist and environmentally-friendly kitchen feel.

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A special choice of soft white kitchen with beautiful quartz countertop table. With this, making kitchen decorations further reduce chemicals and make an environmentally friendly kitchen design

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This is the best choice for decorating your kitchen. By using a countertop accent made from quartz with elegant motifs and a combination of wood accents. Which gives the kitchen a more enchanting and natural look.

The appeal given to this kitchen is that it gives an environmentally friendly feel. By using a wooden cabinet feature and a fine white quartz countertop that creates a fresh and comfortable kitchen design.

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3. Be Mindful of the Lighting Sources

Make sure you install a window that gives your kitchen the most of natural lighting. When installing lamps, choose products that use LED bulbs. These bulbs can last 25 percent longer than incandescent bulbs, with 20 percent less of energy spending.

It’s a charming kitchen decoration for you. With a wide window feature plus accent LED lights that can be a little more spending on the electrical energy that is released.

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Cool kitchen ideas using glass window accents that provide natural lighting accents and combined with white subway tiles for the wall can make the kitchen looks bright. This raises the feel of a kitchen that is environmentally friendly and stylish.

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The nuance provided in this kitchen with natural lighting through the window and combined with natural wall color accents that give the impression of an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient kitchen.

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Eco-friendly kitchen by using natural lighting accents through the wide window can provide energy-saving. Combining with a white color scheme for the kitchen decoration can make the kitchen also looks bright. Give the kitchen to feel more vibrant and fun.

The special look of the kitchen uses the concept of environmentally friendly as seen from the wide window combined with the choice of soft white interior paint colors and added ornamental plant accents. This provides easy-to-care and trendy kitchen decor.

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4. Include Living Greeneries 

Make your kitchen literally greener by adding living plants. Use recycled tins or other containers to plant herbs, such as sage, rosemary, and cilantro. Place the herbs near the window to create a cute living decoration. If there is an extra space, add a larger pot with the air-cleaning plant, such as a snake plant, aloe, or golden pathos.

Adding herb plants in the kitchen is a good idea to give a fresh and greener impression. Place the plants near the window and you will get a nice kitchen decoration.

Make your kitchen looks greener by placing some plants. You can use a wooden box as the planter and place it on the table to perfect the kitchen decoration.

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This is a farmhouse-style eco-friendly kitchen decoration. Namely by utilizing herbal green plant accents in the corner of the room and wood furniture accents. This makes your dream of kitchen decoration.

Farmhouse style eco-friendly kitchen concept that uses wood features as the main pillar plus herbal greenery that enhances the kitchen’s appeal.

Design this environmentally friendly minimalist kitchen by adding herbal greenery on the tables and wooden cabinets. Plus the neat and clean room arrangement creates pleasant kitchen decor.

The kitchen by using wood features as the main decoration, for example on countertops, cabinets, and floors gives a natural impression. Also added accents of herbs that make kitchen decorations more lively.

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5. Add Water-Saving Appliances

Invest in a good water filtration system to reduce the need for buying bottled water (or boiling water). You can install an aerator in the tap of the kitchen sink, which can reduce the amount of water spent when you turn it on.
You can support your eco-friendly kitchen design with the right appliances. Choose electric appliances with the Energy Star label to make sure that they are energy-efficient.

To save costs and reduce the need to buy mineral water, you can easily use the aerator feature for this one day drink. The creator, which is placed as a water filter, provides a function to make it easier for you to get clean drinking water.

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Adding the aerator feature to the sink faucet provides an environmentally friendly kitchen decor and is good for you in health.

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Cool decorating ideas using aerators in your kitchen make this kitchen more environmentally friendly and positive for your health.

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Using the aerator feature is the first choice feature for you. Besides saving costs to reduce drinking packaging, you can live healthier.

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Kitchen decorating ideas on creative sinks create interesting and very useful decorations for you. That is in addition to water filters so that they are cleaner it also creates an environmentally friendly concept.

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