25 Surprising Spots in the Kitchen for Organizing Your Stuff

These unusual kitchen organization spaces allow you to store stuff without making the kitchen look messy. So, your kitchen will look organized.

You have a lot of kitchen stuff to store, but the kitchen doesn’t have enough space for them. The solution: get creative with the kitchen organization strategies. There are so many creative and unused spaces you can utilize in your kitchen, even if it is not too big. 

What unique places can you use to organize the kitchen stuff? Here are some surprising ideas you probably don’t think before.

1. Storage above the Window

The place above your window can accommodate some more stuff. Install a floating shelf or cabinet above the window. Use it to store things that you don’t immediately need. You can also use it to display simple decorations, like ceramic vases or mini planters.

One way to organize your many items in the kitchen, you can use a floating shelf above the window. With a shelf above the window, you can put your ornament to beautify your kitchen looks.

A storage area that is the most effective to use in your kitchen is cabinets above the window. With this cabinet that is useful for storing your belongings, your kitchen will look neater.

One way to make your small kitchen have a large space to store your items, you can use a floating shelf above the window like in the picture above. Because with this storage of goods will be safe and durable.

If you are confused about storing your many items in the kitchen, this is a good idea. You can install a floating shelf. With a floating shelf to store your things, your kitchen will look attractive and neat.

The floating shelves used to place flower vases like in the picture above are a brilliant idea. Besides being able to make your kitchen look neat, with this floating shelf your kitchen will also look beautiful.

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2. Glass Shelves on Backsplash

Do you know that your kitchen backsplash has potential storage spaces? Install floating glass shelves on your backsplash, especially under the cabinet. Glass shelves give you extra spaces to store glassware and other kitchen goods without ruining the visual of the backsplash.

Take advantage of your kitchen backsplash by installing glass shelves to put your glass collections. It can make your kitchen looks elegant and organized.

One potential place that is suitable for making floating glass shelves is utilizing a backsplash. With this storage, you can use it to keep your equipment safe.

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A kitchen that uses a backsplash as a storage area by installing a floating glass rack like in the picture above is perfect for you to apply. Because with this storage your kitchen will save space.

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Make a floating glass rack in the kitchen backsplash to store your things. In addition, with the floating glass shelves in the backsplash, you can also place decorations there.

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Floating glass shelves placed on the kitchen backsplash and used to put your kitchen utensils are a brilliant idea. Because with this storage your kitchen will look more presentable.

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3. Hangers under Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are practical enough as additional storage spaces. However, you can utilize the underside of the shelves by adding hooks. Use them to hang cups, mugs, or cooking utensils, especially if you often use them.

Utilizing the bottom shelf by adding hooks to hang mugs is a brilliant idea. With this storage idea, your kitchen will look neater and you can easily reach the glass.

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One way to store mugs properly is to hang them. As in the picture above, which provides a hook under the floating shelf will make your mugs organized and neat.

Practical storage that is suitable for your kitchen is to give a hook under the floating shelf for hanging mugs. With this storage, your kitchen will have a cleaner impression.

For those of you who have a lot of equipment in the kitchen, you can use storage as shown above. Giving a hook under the floating shelf to hang the glass will make your glass durable and safe.

Hanging a glass under a floating shelf is the right way to store the glass. Because in this way your kitchen will have more space.

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4. Behind the Cabinet Doors

The inside of your cabinet doors can serve as extra storage spaces. You can install mini racks behind the door panel. Use them to store dried spices and other kitchen products, hidden when unused. The simplest solution is to attach several hangers behind the door.

One place that is suitable for storing your kitchen ingredients is behind the cabinet door. By providing a few small shelves behind the cabinet door, you will be easier to find your kitchen spices.

One simple way to make storage behind a cabinet door is to make a place to hang your kitchen ingredients like in the picture above. With this storage, your kitchen will look more organized.

Using the inside cabinet door to make condiment storage is a brilliant idea. By installing a rack like in the picture above the spices of your kitchen will look neater.

Installing a metal rack behind the kitchen cabinet door for spice storage is a good idea. Because with this storage you will you can save and store neatly your herbs.

If you are confused to put your kitchen ingredients, you can make a shelf behind the kitchen cabinet door. This is a simple idea but give a huge impact on your kitchen organization’s idea.

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5. Corner Wall Spaces

The corner areas are often underutilized. You can install floating shelves or L-shaped racks to make use of the awkward angles. Corner floating shelves follow the sharp contours of the walls. You can use them to store things like mini plants and decorations.

Using a corner of the kitchen to make an L-shaped float rack is a good idea. You can use the shelves to put your spices, plates, bowls, ornament or many more.

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Floating shelves mounted in the corner of the kitchen are very suitable for you to use. These shelves can be used to store your book recipe and some ornaments. This is a simple idea to utilize your empty corner space.

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Using floating wooden shelves that are placed in the corner of the kitchen room is very useful for putting kitchen decoration, glasses and some plates. So, you will easily find and reach what you need.

Maximizing the corner area of the kitchen space to be given a floating shelf is a good idea. Because with this rack you can store your stuff there so that your kitchen looks neat.

If you want a little bit of kitchen space in your kitchen countertop, you can install hanging L-shaped shelves at the corner of your kitchen. You can utilize the shelves to store your plates, some glasses and even for books.

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The kitchen organization requires all the storage spaces you need to create a convenient, beautiful kitchen. Open your mind to all possibilities of storing your goods here.

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