25 Bathroom Cabinet for Smart Storage

You may put many things in the bathroom, from body care to bathroom cleaning products. Got a storage problem? The bathroom cabinet is the answer

From body care products to bathroom cleaning products, there are many things to be stored in your bathroom. Do not just toss them in a box or let them scatter around. Check out bathroom cabinet below to help you store efficiently.

1. Wall Mounted Cabinet

If we observe the bathroom, the wall is actually the widest part of the room. Why not maximize it to finish your storage problem? Install a wall-mounted cabinet and let your floor free. You can install several cabinets to meet your need. Each cabinet drawer can be designed for specific products. Label each cabinet if necessary, to prevent confusion.

For the smart storage in your bathroom you can use a small wooden cabinet and attach to the wall. You can use the cabinet to store your towels and toiletries. Add iron hook under the cabinet to hang your towel after you use it.

Wall mounted cabinet is suitable for the storage idea in your small bathroom. Because it can make your floor free, so that your small bathroom is not looking cramped.

This is a small cabinet but can provide more benefit to store your toiletries. Attach to the wall and let your floor free. You can paint the cabinet in white color to get matching look with your bathroom theme.

Deciding to attach the small brown wooden cabinet to the wall is a smart idea to make your floor free and make your small bathroom looks neat. You can use this cabinet to store your towels. So that you will easy to find your towel when you are bathing.

Installing wall mounted cabinet is a good idea to save a lot of space in your bathroom. By applying this idea you can make your floor free and not too look cramped.

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2. Tall Cabinet

A small bathroom is not an excuse for unattended bathroom products. If space is not available horizontally, then switch to the tall cabinet to expand the use of vertical space. This tall cabinet offers an elongated look as well as extra space for your bathroom stuff. Feel free to arrange your product at each level according to your usage frequency. Mostly used products are better to be placed in the middle so you can easily reach them.

Placing vertical cabinet at the corner of the bathroom is a good solution for your small bathroom. This cabinet is very functional to store your towels, tissues and toiletries.

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If you don’t have enough space to place a vertical cabinet, you can change with tall cabinet. Because this cabinet is not requiring much space and can be placed at the corner of your bathroom. Put your toiletries and towels inside the cabinet and you will get neat look.

The idea of a luxurious master bathroom with a high cabinet that provides extra storage. Combined with a vanity table and a large drawer make it the right choice for you.

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High cabinet made of wood with wide drawer accents and shelves for towels, soap, toiletries, and many more provide a practical decoration and do not take up too much space in this bathroom.

To save space in your small bathroom, applying built-in cabinet in vertical way is a good idea. You will have decent space to move and also have proper storage place for your small bathroom.

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3. Marble Top Cabinet

This bathroom cabinet offers not only storage space but also an elegant look. The marble which still wins the bathroom trends for 2020, will bring a rich and bold look for your bathroom. The marble top can add endurance to your cabinet so you can put some heavy products on top. The marble also protects the cabinet from stain, in case you put some perfume or lotion that can easily leak and leave a nasty stain.

Perfect cabinet design with dual functions. The bottom is a cabinet with lots of drawers and the top is used vanity with marble accents. This creates a graceful and special cabinet decoration.

You can use a marble top cabinet if you want to create elegant impression to your bathroom. Completed the cabinet with some drawers to provide a proper storage in your small bathroom.

Multifunctional cabinet with a combination of marble at the top and some drawers underneath. With the marble material on top of the cabinet, you will be easy to clean the stain and get an elegant look.

Placing a cabinet in the bathroom is not only for the storage idea but also you can get an elegant look. Use marble material for the top of the cabinet and your bathroom will look elegant instantly.

Choosing to use marble material for the top of bathroom cabinet is a good idea to make elegant look to your bathroom. You don’t need to be worried about the stain because this material is easy to clean.

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4. Open Shelf Cabinet

The storage problem is identical with the space limit. Open shelf cabinet provides space for you to control. You can put your product directly or add a container to your liking. The container can be mix-matched with your bathroom style preference. Also, open shelf cabinet allows you to decorate it with vase or decor statue.

Open shelf cabinet combination with drawers makes a variety of bathroom storage options in this wooden vanity table.

The vanity table in this bathroom has an open shelf cabinet in the lower section. Which makes decorating your bathroom more pleasant.

This open shelf cabinet will give you some benefits for your bathroom storage idea. You can put your towels directly and you can add rattan basket if you want more storage in your bathroom.

Applying floating cabinet with open-shelves idea can give you some benefits for your bathroom storage method. You can put directly your towels and make your bathroom looks clean.

Having an open shelf cabinet next to the bathtub and toilet provides a place for tissue and towels, and provides a place to store toiletries.

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5. Louvered Cabinet

This cabinet is identical with its structured strip that creates excellent ventilation. If you are afraid of mold, this type of bathroom cabinet can prevent you from that nightmare. Feel safe to store your cotton, tissue and linen without worrying about mold or musty smell.
Be ready to have a neat and clean bathroom by installing a bathroom cabinet.

A charming idea by using a louvered cabinet made of smooth wood and marble accents as a vanity table creates a special decoration in the bathroom.

Bathroom design with natural color wood louvered cabinet and next to it is a vanity table with a lower section. You will not be confused to store items in this bathroom.

Applying louvered cabinet to your bathroom is an excellent idea to get a good ventilation. You cabinet will avoid from musty smell.

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To keep your bathroom cabinet is avoid form musty smell, applying louvered cabinet is a good idea. So your cabinet will not be moist.

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Apply louvered cabinet for your small bathroom to avoid from musty smell. Because this cabinet has a good ventilation.

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