25 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen is a room in your house where family, friends, and guests usually gather. Make it more inviting by implementing these modern farmhouse kitchen ideas!

Farmhouse style has been a trend for the past few years. The rustic warm feeling combined with the minimal yet functional items found in this design has been many people‚Äôs favorite. The style is for those who aspire to embrace a casual yet productive lifestyle. 

The warm vibe this style radiates is perfect for rooms where family, friends, or guests gather like a living room or kitchen. Not to mention, farmhouse design itself can be combined with a wide variety of styles. As a starter, try these modern farmhouse kitchen ideas!

1. Utilize Neutral Colors

Commonly, kitchens with farmhouse style are light and airy. Thus, the kitchens are usually designed to let the natural light sneak easily inside the kitchen. However, not every kitchen needs to have this model. Using a neutral palette as the base colors of your kitchen will give the same feelings you would get with natural lights. Therefore, opt for lighter hues of whites or gray. You could also pick gray or navy. 

Combine grey and white color for your modern farmhouse idea. Complete with modern kitchen appliances to strengthen the modern vibe.

To give a natural light in your modern farmhouse kitchen design, you can apply white color. Combine with large window to support the brightness in your kitchen.

To get modern impression in your farmhouse kitchen, you can apply white color to the whole of your kitchen room. It can give a clean and bright impression.

Combining white color and large window for the farmhouse kitchen design are a good idea to make your kitchen looks bright. To give a contrast look, paint the kitchen cabinet in dark color.

For your modern farmhouse kitchen decor, white paint and large window are a good combination. It can make your kitchen looks bright and clean.

Even though you don’t have a large window but by applying white paint for the modern farmhouse kitchen can make the kitchen looks bright. Combined with modern kitchen appliances it can strengthen the modern vibe.

Applying white color for the base color in your modern farmhouse kitchen is a good idea. This color can make your kitchen looks bright and pleasant.

Get a bright impression in your modern farmhouse kitchen by applying white paint and large window. It can give a natural light to your kitchen.

Even though you combine black and white color to your modern farmhouse kitchen but it can make your kitchen looks bright and interesting.

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2. Use Natural Materials

Natural materials are essential elements in farmhouse design. Woods are typically used too. In your kitchen, opt for woods countertops or cabinets. Other materials like laminate will make your kitchen looks too modern and lose its warm touch. Soapstone would be an ideal option if you have a white cabinet. It is invulnerable of stains, hot kitchen utensils are not a problem for this material, and more importantly, it is smooth and just beautiful.

The idea of a warm farmhouse kitchen with natural ingredients using white subway walls and red brick walls. Add a wooden countertop accent and minimalist wooden cabinet. This creates a farmhouse kitchen design that is warm and charming.

Simple decorating ideas in a kitchen farmhouse with elegant countertops made of wood and white marble. Added accents of white wood walls and elegant black chandelier. This makes the modern kitchen farmhouse decoration ideal for you.

This is a stunning kitchen for you. With a delicate white kitchen made from wood on the wall, countertop, cupboard, and combined with an elegant black chandelier made of metal. This creates a beautiful modern kitchen farmhouse design.

Using wooden kitchen countertop for the modern farmhouse kitchen is a good idea. It can give a natural impression to your kitchen.

Modern farmhouse kitchen design with minimalist white wooden cabinet and red color on the table can enhances the atmosphere of a modern farmhouse. With this kitchen decoration gives a special and beautiful impression.

The concept of a kitchen using natural ingredients made of wood which gives the comfortable impression. Available on countertops, floating shelves, and floors in natural color. Added accent flower vase in the corner of the room can add to the impression of a beautiful kitchen.

Using wooden floor, wooden cabinet and wooden shelves are one of way to bring a natural impression in your modern farmhouse kitchen. This decoration idea can make a warm impression in your kitchen.

Applying wooden cabinet and wooden floor for your modern farmhouse kitchen decor is very appropriate to warm your kitchen.

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3. Add Vintage Accents

With vintage accents, you can add your personality to the farmhouse kitchen. Items like galvanized metals, farmhouse vignettes, white dishes, or your favorite vintage apron front can make your kitchen more personal and unique. 
There are some other things that can be added to modern farmhouse kitchens such as white brick backsplash, wood flooring, or lantern pendant lights. However, these three ideas above would already make your modern kitchen fantastic!

Eco-Friendly kitchen design with a cool, modern farmhouse-style farmhouse visible from subway walls and wooden shelves. Add a minimalist countertop marble and beautiful wooden floors. This modern kitchen farmhouse decoration gives a charming vintage special.

Using repurposed drawer for the rolling cart table with galvanished material to cover the surface can give a vintage vibe to your modern farmhouse kitchen decor.

A black metal chandelier can give a little bit of vintage touch to your farmhouse kitchen decor. To add more vintage you can add classic ornaments to strengthen the vintage nuance.

This all-white decoration made of softwood on the walls, shelves, tables, and floors is combined with accents of cookware made from stainless. Plus a beautiful flower vase on the window creates the impression of an amazing farmhouse kitchen.

The charms given to farmhouse kitchens that use dominant wooden furniture in cabinets and tables are combined with charming stainless steel accent accents. This kitchen makes a special kitchen design.

This will be your dream kitchen decorating idea. With a cozy and warm vintage accented kitchen in the form of classic vintage chandelier can make your kitchen feels warm to gather with your family.

Using retro refrigerator in your farmhouse kitchen can give a vintage vibe in your kitchen. Combined with expose brick walls can make your kitchen decor looks aesthetic.

Using vintage accents in the farmhouse kitchen with galvanished flower vase and the appearance of dazzling white cups and plates neatly arranged in a floating cupboard. This makes the concept of a beautiful and ideal kitchen for you.

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