25 Best Interior Design Tips for Small Apartment

Looking for tips to design your small apartment? You are in the right place. These best interior design ideas might be good for you.

For small apartment, space will always be a major issue. Yet, it doesn’t have to be your problem. With these best interior design tips, you’ll be able to create a lighter, airier, and prettier studio that’s well-equipped and well-organized. So, check them carefully and give any of them a try.

1. Double for Good: Multi-Function Items

One of the best tips for small apartment interior design is to have multi-function items or details. For example, a built-in storage wall, a bed frame with extra storage underneath, and stairs with concealed storage. Therefore, you must think of how you will create multi-functional furniture, wall, ceiling, and stairs.

Keeping things in double function will not only meet your needs of a spacious room but also your needs for elegant storage. 

Give a smart storage in your small apartment bedroom by building storage on the wall. You can also use the cabinet as a bench at the same.

Building storage wall that merge as the headboard at the same time is a brilliant idea to save space and give extra storage in your small apartment bedroom.

If you want smart storage in your small apartment bedroom, you can built-in storage wall and use as the headboard at the same time. This cabinet can be used as the cupboard or bookshelves.

You can pick the bed frame with storage underneath for the apartment storage idea. This idea is very useful to tidy up your small apartment.

Built-in storage on the wall can help you to store your things in your small apartment. You can apply this idea in your bedroom to make your room look neat.

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2. Go for Vertical Décor: Hang from the Ceiling or Fix on the Wall

Another key to designing your compact apartment is not to squeeze your floor space. How? Hang the furniture and decorations from the ceiling or fix them on the wall. By implementing this idea, you can arrange more room in a limited area available. Floating desk and shelves, for example, can create an exclusive and professional office in your small apartment. 

To make your office space in your apartment is avoid from clutter situation, you can implement hanging shelves to put your books or ornaments. It’s possible for you to have a decent space to move.

Applying floating desk and hanging racks are a good idea to create a simple and neat look in your apartment office.

Attach hanging racks on the wall and you can used to store your book collections. It’s also a good idea to make your office room look like a professional office.

The appeal given to the office space of a small apartment creates a beautiful impression. In addition, office space that uses a hidden storage rack at the bottom for bookshelves makes a practical feel. Plus wall art accessories give a festive impression in this apartment.

Small apartment with exclusive office space with bright walls using minimalist floating shelves. This small office decoration will be no longer boring using wall art. This creates a more attractive apartment office space design.

Creative and inventive ideas in office space in this small apartment. By using the wooden features used in the floating table, this floating shelf. In addition, office space that is directly confronted with a window adds to the impression of natural lighting in this office.

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3. Opt for Mirror Display: Take Advantage from Its Optical Illusion 

One of the easiest tips to manage is to use a mirror for room reflection. It can make your room seem larger, airier, and brighter. Thus, attaching one or two mirrors on your apartment room wall would be a smart tip to try. 

To exude a more decorative look of a mirror, you can select a creative and unique mirror frame. For instance, sunburst framed mirror, wooden framed mirror, jute-wrapped mirror, and more. 

Give a more inviting look in a small apartment space in the dining room. By using a mirror on a square-shaped wall that is neatly arranged creates the illusion of this apartment room increasingly smart tip.

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Display the space of this small apartment using a round mirror combined with a wooden bench and a green planter. The mirror decoration in this apartment makes the room bigger.

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Apartment ideas by using a round wall mirror combined with wooden benches and patterned cushions plus a fresh green planter. This round mirror makes a creative expression and an inclusive illusion.

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The elegant impression is given to the warm living room in this small apartment. And also, adding a wooden frame mirror makes the impression of a wider living room look. Plus soft sofas and soft warm cushions. What makes this apartment more amazing.

The concept is in the bathroom of the apartment with a beautiful metal frame and sink that makes the appearance of a decorative and special illusion.

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The appearance of the apartment is beautiful and decorative. With the living room using a brick wall accent display using a round mirror combined with a wide window accent. This round mirror gives a graceful and enchanting look especially the illusion that is given becomes increasingly spacious room looks.

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The idea of decorating a small apartment living room uses two mirrors mounted on a wall with a beautiful flower vase combined. Create a reflection of a beautiful and decorative room.

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4. Minimize for Better Space Look: Use Small Furnishings

Don’t throw any large furniture into your compact size apartment. It will make your apartment stuffy and overcrowded. Thanks to genius interior designers who have contributed ideas for the pint-size furniture, you will find small sofas and loveseats that will fit any small space. 

The appearance of a small apartment decoration using small sofa furniture and small chairs is combined with ottomans which makes the apartment space open and not stuffy.

Creative ideas in small apartments by avoiding too much furniture in the room and using enough furniture. With a combination of rattan planter and elegant sofa with beautiful cushions. This alone makes the apartment decoration comfortable and beautiful.

Design a small open plan apartment space that is Japanese furniture in an apartment. from the sofa, dining table, the slim and neat bed gives the impression of staying comfortable and not overcrowded.

A minimalist creative idea in a small apartment bedroom with bed space attached to one wall. And also access to wooden partitions makes this apartment bedroom more elegant and doesn’t make it stuffy.

Display that is given to the apartment space in the living room. The one directly in front of the kitchen. And also, using small furniture makes this apartment space not create a stuffy feel and space access is increasingly open.

The apartment’s living room decoration uses a size sofa combined with wooden accents and other furniture placed in the corner. Concept ideas with small size furniture for small apartments create design apartment spaces look more comfortable and enchanting.

Take advantage of the small apartment space. With an apartment without skates and small furniture, soft sofas, round dining tables, this kitchen is a small anything that creates access to enough and not stuffy space for you.

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That’s all the tips, and be careful when planning your small apartment interior design.

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