26 Ideas to Make Your Tiny-House Looked Spacious

Take the challenge to make your tiny-house looks bigger and rich in lights with these four useful tips.

Nowadays, tiny-house has become a trend. Some people consider having a small one because it is quite affordable while others are being conscious about planet earth. Small residences also boast their own benefits such as less upkeep and smaller utility bills. If you are in the team, here some tips to make your small space looks bigger.

1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are known as the number one trick to make your place look spacious. They give the illusion of depth and reflect artificial light, making your house seems bigger and brighter. Even if a group of small mirrors are nice, a large mirror is preferable to perform a sense of bigger space.

Tiny-House Looked Spacious decoration ideas by placing a mirror on the wall of a rectangular dining room combined with fresh green plants in the corner of the room. This creates an illusion of depth that reflects artificial light and makes it appear brighter.

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Mirror on the walls of this elegant circular dining room. In a room that is not too broad, but with round mirror furniture provides more light reflection and provides a broad illusion and a more attractive look of wall decorations.

The living room that is not too wide uses a mirror on a round wall that is charming. With a round mirror in gold frame combined with metal wall decorations. This creates a living room that appears to provide a broad and elegant illusion with a beautiful mirrored look.

Install a mirror in the dining room that is not too broad to give an attractive appearance. With a mirror on the wall and a unique mirror design is not only functioned to give a broad impression but also the appearance to still look beautiful in the dining room.

This luxurious living room that is not too large with creative initiatives places a mirror on the wall. A large square mirror creates the illusion of great light and brightens the atmosphere of space. Add to this the soft feature of the sofa and make it more comfortable in this space.

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2. Extra Windows

Make sure to add more windows in your tiny-house. Bigger and extra windows allow people to look out and have a feeling that they are outside. For addition, numbers of windows let the natural lights brighten up your small home. Sliding glass windows are preferable.

The idea of ​​decorating a living room that is not too broad with this extra glass window and combined with this soft and soft gray sofa. Creating a living room decoration that is more vibrant and bright with natural light rays entering the depth of the room.

Utilizing this large and pretty much window by placing it in the corner of the living room wall gives a bright and spacious look. Adding to the greenery and soft sofa gives the impression of a special living room.

The living room uses a large glass window combined with this bright turquoise wall giving a broad and non-boring impression. Added to this soft and soft sofa furniture gives an elegant and special impression.

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The living room with window access that is quite spacious with bright color curtains gives an accent space that makes the room feel more spacious and open. And in combination with a choice of pastel colors, soft gives a comfortable and special living room.

Creating a pleasant living room decor is not too spacious by using a wide window combined with a beautiful patterned wall giving a bright impression. Which makes the charm of the living room with natural bright light and the feel of a wider living room.

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3. Light and Pastel Color

If you are a dark-color fan, you might want to rethink about taking the dark element inside. In gaining a bigger room effect, light or pastel color will do the magic. White is the number one obvious option because it is light-reflective. Marry you white color with pastels to make your house less dull.

Using soft pastel colors on the tiny living room walls with subtle white accents combined with blue creates an interesting nuance in this living room. This gives the feel of a special living room.

Make this tiny living room decor look more elegant by using beautiful white pastel wall colors. With a combination of a soft sofa and patterned curtain accents that add to the impression of this tiny living room creates an attractive light and elegant color shades.

Creating a small living room décor gets the effect of a larger space using light and pastel colors. Soft white wall colors and bright colors on the rug motif and soft blue sofa. This color combination gives an elegant impression and gives a miracle in the living room.

The color scheme that uses beach shades of denim blue, brown reed, and white linen is applied gracefully to the traditional style that forms the obligation in this not-too-spacious living room. And the combined winged and blue and white upholstered seats add to the classic appeal to aesthetics. This gives a natural bright hue and creates an elegant feeling in the room.

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The concept of a living room that is not too broad is to use the selection of soft pastel white in the living room with a combination of comfortable furniture with gray on the sofa and glass door. This creates a graceful living room decoration and provides brightness in this guest room.

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4. Minimalist Green Plant

Bringing the outside in is also a smart choice to make your house looks bigger. Houseplants effectively increase depth and airiness to your limited space. Norfolk island pin, yucca, Xanadu plant, and jade plant are several suitable greeneries you can take inside.

Decorating this fresh little living room by using a Minimalist Green Plan that is placed on a bookshelf and planter accent that is on a wood coffee table. And combined with raised green sofa. It brings the feel of a wider living room by placing a minimalist green planter in the living room.

The living room that is not too broad brings the concept by using a Minimalist Green Plant that is placed in the corner of the living room, making the living room more refreshed and create a new atmosphere. The living room with a green sofa and patterned pillows adds to the charming and special impression.

Incorporating a Minimalist Green Plant in the living room is a smart idea in this sprawling living room. With greenery placed on a white brick wall and hanging over the sofa. This gives a bright impression and effectively increases the depth, warmth in the tiny living room.

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The concept of a small living room using green plants is a beautiful decoration. With a green planter placed in the corner of this living room. Which is combined using wood sofa furniture and round mirror. This gives a bright living room idea.

Adding a small living room with a green planter is a creative and perfect idea. With this green planter placed in the corner of the room and creating a living room decor becomes fresher and brighter and this wider space appears.

The smart idea in this tiny living room by adding greenery in the room gives the feel of a brighter living room. And mixed with wooden floor accents and fireplace accents make it even more comfortable and beautiful.

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5. Raised Sofas and Armchairs

Sofas and armchairs that are raised on legs also effectively work. Raised sofas and armchairs look lighter in your tiny place and create a sense of space. For these furniture options, you can play with radiant colors to give a little bright full splash or play safe with natural colors. 

Having a tiny-house doesn’t mean you can’t gain a comfortable feeling. Take the advantages of our four tips to make your small place look more spacious and brighter.

Creative design in this tiny living room by using a flowered sofa and a tiny chair and bright splinters of walls makes for a comfortable feeling.

This small open plan living room uses a choice of colors and bright furniture. With sofas and soft pillows combined with soft pastel walls. This gives the impression of a calm and small place looks spacious and brighter.

Special little living room decoration. By using a soft blue sofa combined with a wall accent using the wall arr and minimalist metal coffee table. This gives the impression of a small living room that is not boring and elegant.

Incorporating comfortable furniture in a small living room with soft blue sofas and minimalist coffee tables combined with spacious windows and white wall colors make the perfect decoration in this tiny living room. This makes the small living room bright and shades not boring.

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A special little living room using this soft and comfortable sofa and chair. Combined with fresh color walls and decorated with greenery. This tiny living room decorating idea gives a feel that looks spacious and bright.

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