25 Awe-Inspiring Modern-Rustic Decor for Your Tiny House

Modern-rustic décor for your tiny house is a smart décor choice because you can still be modern but still also get along with nature.

There are lots of décor designs to offer for tiny-house from industrial, nautical, Scandinavian to modern-rustic décor. Are you still haven’t decided which décor to apply for your small place? Why don’t you have the last from the list? Modern-rustic décor is one great option to make your residence look more attractive and impressive. Here are some important tips for implementing the interior design.

1. Metal Accents

The metal element needs to be placed to create modern rustic appeal. For the bedroom, you can add the sleek alloy accent by placing a metal bed or modern metal seating for your living room. Metal accent doesn’t always come from the furniture. You can also add some metal wall décor or hanging lamps.

Adding metal chandelier inside modern rustic bedrooms is the right choice for tiny bedrooms. Because bedrooms that use metal accents will make it look more elegant.

A tiny bedroom that uses metal accents is perfect for you to apply. With a metal accent on the bed will make your bedroom look more perfect.

A rustic bedroom with metal chandelier is the right choice. With a metal accent that is in the tiny bedroom will make the bedroom like in the picture above will make your room more amazing.

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Metal table lamps used for modern rustic bedrooms are an attractive choice. With a metal accent that is inside the tiny bedroom will make it look more unique.

Give a little metal accents like a desk lamp in a tiny bedroom very suitable for you to use. Because with a metal accent will make your rustic bedroom look more beautiful.

One combination that is suitable for modern rustic bedrooms is metal and wood accents. You can apply the metal touch for the table lamps and unfinished wood accent above the headboard. Add deer head can strengthen the rustic vibe.

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2. Natural Wood Floors

Modern-rustic is about emphasizing on natural along with unrefined aspect, and the wood floor will make a strong statement. Wooden flooring creates a warm and comfortable feeling. Economically, hardwood flooring is also easy to clean and a healthy choice for your indoor environments.

Using natural wood floors in a small modern rustic home is a brilliant idea. With wooden floors used in the living room like in the picture above will make your room look attractive.

Natural wood flooring used in modern rustic home bathrooms is a great choice. Because the natural wood flooring will make your modern bathroom look more rustic.

One interesting idea that needs to be applied in your modern rustic home is natural wood flooring. As in the picture above, a workspace that uses natural wood floors will make your modern rustic home look amazing.

The best decoration for a modern rustic home is to use natural wood floors like in the picture above. With natural wood flooring your room will look more elegant.

Providing natural wood flooring in a modern, rustic home kitchen is one brilliant idea. With natural wood floors in a modern rustic home kitchen will make your tiny house look perfect.

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3. Little Splash of Vintage Blue

A little pop of retro blue in your tiny-house will be a great accent for your modern-rustic décor. You can use the color for wall decoration, Windsor chairs, sofas, dresser of even vintage wooden wall. Choosing this color will never go wrong because it is very soothing and will never go out of styles.

A modern rustic living room with a vintage blue sofa like in the picture above is the right decoration choice. With a decoration that uses a blue sofa will make your room look attractive.

The modern rustic living room decor of a tiny house that uses a touch of vintage blue on the sofa is perfect for your use. With a living room that uses a sofa like in the picture above will make your tiny home decor look perfect.

The retro blue sofa used in the modern rustic living room is a brilliant idea. With this sofa can make your living room look elegant.

One of the colors that can give the impression of calm in your room is retro blue. Using a sofa with a retro blue color can also make your room look beautiful.

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4. Oversize Window

This modern-with-a-natural-touch decor is always related to the oversize window. And having a wider window will also give advantage to your tiny-house because they will make your place looks bigger and allow more natural lights to get in. Expansive black frame window is a perfect choice. 

Modern rustic living room decoration that uses large windows like the picture above is perfect for you to apply in your tiny house. Because with large windows will make your house look a little spacious.

One way to make your modern rustic living room look spacious, you can use a large window in it. With this large window your room will look perfect.

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A dining room in a modern rustic house that uses decorations with large windows is the right choice. With decorations like in the picture above will make your dining room have a bright atmosphere.

Large windows mounted in the living room of a modern rustic home are brilliant ideas. By installing a large window your family room will look elegant.

Workspaces that use decorations with large windows like in the picture above are the right choice. With a large window you will feel comfortable when in the workspace because it has a broad view.

Using a large window in a modern rustic bedroom in a tiny house is a great choice for you to use. With a large window in the bedroom will make your bedroom look bright in the morning.

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5. Natural and Organic Lines

If you wish to have the most exciting result for your modern-rustic décor, sticking to natural and organic lines is the perfect answer. Earthy color and element bring a sense of calmness and warmness. Combine the natural components with minimalist and modern design.Modern-rustic décor is about combining modern and contemporary element with rustic and natural components. This layout will give your tiny-house a nice feeling of relaxing and warm.

One of modern rustic bedroom that uses a touch of natural themes using plants is the right choice. With a natural theme in the bedroom will make it look attractive.

Using natural colors in a rustic modern living room and organic touches using plants is a brilliant living room decorating idea. Besides that, natural and organic themes can also make your modern rustic living room look perfect.

In addition to natural colors you can also use room decoration using natural wood. Because with natural wood will make your room have a stronger natural impression.

A living room decoration that uses plants as decoration is the right choice. Because with this plant decoration will make your room have a natural and organic impression.

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