26 Inspirational Rustic Bathroom Ideas for Nature-Lovers

Rustic bathrooms are all in for the nature-lovers. Whether it’s an earth-tone haven or modern-rustic combination, here are the best inspirations to start from

While there are people who prefer the luxury of a bedroom, some prefer a comfortable bathroom to relax after a long day of work. Therefore, creating a bathroom needs more consideration than its functions.

Rustic bathrooms are amongst the most popular style out there. Comprising of a cabin-like relaxation by wooden furnishings and a slab of modern simplicity, rustic bathrooms offers you the best of both worlds.

From reclaimed woods, rough stone, to galvanized metals, listed below are inspirations for rustic bathrooms, surely adding depth and character to your bathroom interior.

1. Modern-Rustic Bathroom with Glass Door

Creating a perfect combination of sleek black and rustic woods, this bathroom functions an open space that can be used two-ways. The union of the metal sink and brown stand creates a sense of modernity and warmth at the same time. As a final touch, the well-lighted candles give a homey atmosphere to the overall look.

One perfect combination for a bathroom is a rustic and modern theme. Bathroom that uses a glass door in the shower and metal in the sink will make your rustic bathroom look modern.

To make your rustic bathroom also look modern, you can install a glass door in the shower. Because with this glass door will make your rustic bathroom has a modern feel.

Using the glass door in the rustic bathroom shower is the right choice. Because the glass door in the shower will make your bathroom perfect.

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This is a rustic bathroom decoration to make it look modern. Using a glass door and bath made of metal will make your rustic bathroom look amazing and modern.

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Choosing a rustic bathroom combined with a modern style like in the picture above is a brilliant choice of bathroom decor. With a glass door in the shower so that the bathroom looks modern, you can also use a metal sink so you can feel the warmth in your rustic bathroom.

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2. Hunter-Style Rustic Bathroom

Consisting of all-wood furnishing, this hunter-style bathroom might be one of the most to-go rustic bathrooms. Moreover, the decorative lamp above the mirror resembling deer’s antler enhance the hunter-y ambience even more.

Placing a deer head between the mirrors above the sink is one of way to create a rustic bathroom style. Combined with wooden cabinet and white color scheme of the bathroom theme can create the modern bathroom style.

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Consisting of wooden furniture, the bathroom like in the picture above is perfect for you to use. With a hunter’s style and using a decorative lamp above a mirror that resembles a deer’s antler can enhance the hunter’s atmosphere in your rustic bathroom.

Using the hunter style, the blue rustic bathroom is perfect for you to use. With deer head decoration in the bathroom will make your rustic bathroom decoration look unique.

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A rustic bathroom with a hunter style that uses buffalo headdresses above the mirror is perfect for you to use. With these decorations your bathroom will look amazing.

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One way to strengthen the impression of a hunter in your rustic bathroom, you need to install ornaments like in the picture above. Using deer headdress will make your hunter’s rustic bathroom more perfect.

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3. Classical Rustic Vintage Bathroom

Combining rural elements with classic beauty, this rustic bathroom is suitable for vintage lovers. White paint and equipped with gold plates to add a touch of luxury. Overall, this is a perfect choice for rustic bathroom fans who need a little elegance.

An interesting combination between rustic and vintage themes for your bathroom is the right choice. There is a gold accent and mirror-shaped royal window will make a stronger vintage impression in your rustic bathroom.

The rustic bathroom is white and has a golden touch inside it is perfect for you to apply. With a bathroom design like in the picture above will make your bathroom look luxurious.

Using a rustic and vintage bathroom theme with a touch of a little classic is a suitable combination. With a combination like in the picture above will make your bathroom look elegant.

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A rustic bathroom combined with vintage and classic themes is perfect for you to use. Because the bathroom decoration like in the picture above will make your rustic bathroom look amazing.

Rustic bathrooms that use gold and white accents are the right choice. With a combination of accents as in the picture above will make your rustic bathroom have a vintage feel.

Choosing a bathroom with a rustic and vintage theme is an attractive choice. Besides attracting this combination, it also makes your bathroom look perfect.

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4. Log Cabin-Styled Rustic Bathroom

Comprises of exposed logs and beams, this earth-colored bathroom will remind you of a cabin in the woods. With walls, cupboards, and decorations full of reclaimed logs, it’s hard not to lounge around while bathing in a warm tub. 

The bathroom that uses a log cabin-style design is a very brilliant decoration. Because decoration like in the picture above will make your bathroom look amazing.

Rustic bathroom decoration using old wood like in the picture above is the right choice. With this decoration your bathroom will have a nice architecture.

The rustic log cabin-style bathroom design is perfect for your use. Creating a bathroom like in the picture above does not require a lot of costs because it uses used wood.

Consisting of exposed wooden beams, log cabin-style bathroom decor is an attractive decoration. With a log cabin-style decor your bathroom will look unique.

Log cabin style is an attractive decoration and suitable for you to use. With decoration like in the picture above will make your bathroom has a strong rustic impression.

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5. Rustic Bathroom with a Minimalist Touch

If you’re one for minimalist bathroom, this rustic bathroom might suit your taste best. A narrow hallway could be instantly transformed into a shabby sink with wooden baskets to store dirty towels and laundry beneath.

A minimalist rustic bathroom that maximizes the corner of the room to place equipment is the right choice. As in the picture above, adding a towel hanger on the wall will save your bathroom space.

Making a bathroom as minimal as possible is the right choice for a narrow space. Adding a towel hanger to the corner of a rural bathroom wall will not reduce the space in your bathroom.

Maximizing the corners of the bathroom to put toiletries is the right choice for a minimalist rustic bathroom. Like putting a towel under the table will make your bathroom a little spacious.

Make a small shelf in the corner of a minimalist rustic bathroom vanity is the right choice so that the bathroom looks minimalist.

One way to make your bathroom minimalist, you can add a shelf in the corner of the bathroom. With the addition of a rack in the corner of the room, you can use it to store dirty towels or other equipment.

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There is a wide range of rustic bathrooms you can experiment on. Whether it’s a combination of modern and rustic or purely rustic bathrooms with exposed logs, you can never go wrong in installing this timeless trend of bathroom design.

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